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Move Fixed Distance

Defines a command to move the piece a fixed X and Y distance using Expressions to control the amount of movement on each axis.

EXAMPLE: An army unit can conduct a forced march for extra movement. The amount of additional movement depends on its supply, which is tracked by a Layer trait. The Move Fixed Distance trait is given an additional offset of one hex times the value of the supply level.

SEE ALSO: Can Rotate, Can Pivot


A brief description for this trait that appears in the Piece Definer window for the piece. Useful, for example, to distinguish between several versions of this trait.

Menu command:

Text that appears on the piece’s right-click context menu. If left blank, no context menu item will appear, but the trait can still be activated to move the piece using the key command.

Key Command:

Keystroke or Named Command to initiate the movement.

Distance to the right:

An Expression specifying the distance to move the piece to the right. Use negative numbers to move the piece to the left.

Distance upwards:

An Expression specifying the distance to move the piece upwards. Use negative numbers to move the piece down.

Move entire stack:

Check this option to cause the entire stack containing the piece to be moved, if the stack is not expanded. Otherwise, only this piece will be moved.

This option has been left in to maintain compatibility with older modules. Its use is not recommended.
Additional offsets:

Use these offset values to give more control over the movement. The two numbers specified in the Expressions on the first line for movement right, and the two numbers in the second line for movement upwards are multiplied together and added to the right/up distances defined in the basic options.

If this piece has a Can Rotate trait listed before this trait, then the resulting direction will be relative to the current facing of the piece. Example: If a piece has traits Can Rotate followed by Move Fixed Distance 60 upwards, then the move command will move the piece in whatever direction the top of the piece is facing. If a piece has traits Move Fixed Distance 60 upwards followed by Can Rotate then the move command will move the piece towards the top of the screen regardless of the facing of the piece.