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CHS is a DTP wargaming business based in Adelaide, South Australia. It was started by Chris Harding in 2005 when he self published his first wargame, Mersa Matruh.

Since then the CHS line up consists of 14 titles, they are:

Designer Chris Harding

  • Mersa Matruh (out of print)
  • Alam Halfa (out of print)
  • Murray River (out of print)
  • The Road to St Die (in stock)
  • 1st El Alamein (in stock)
  • Parroy Forest (in stock)

Designer Jim Zoldak

  • Battle for Korsun (out of print)
  • Winter Storm (out of print)
  • Fighting Steam! (out of print)
  • Battle for Gettysburg: The First Day (out of print)
  • Battle for Kirovograd (in stock)

Designer Markus Stumptner

  • Salamanca (out of print)
  • Bay of Bengal (out of print)
  • 2nd Corinth (in stock)

CHS has a presence on CSW with a folder in the Game Company Area, and a number of the games have their own folders.


Battle for Korsun was republished by Command Japan (Japanese rules only) The Road to St Die was published in Japan by Suzuki Takuya (Japanese rules only) Currently Markus Stumptner has several game designs that he is working on, his next game for CHS is expected to be 'Wagram', Napoleonic.

The games are all in ziplock form with color counters mounted on cardstock but not die cut. Owners of the games have to cut the counters out themselves.

Maps are printed on thicker than usual paper but come in sections, they are usually trimmed to overlap. Different people have done the art work for the maps.

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