How to use Zone Highlighters to dynamically shade sections of map

From Vassal

A common requirement in many games that use Area movement is to be able to show which side currently controls each map Area. In real life, you typically use some sort of Control Marker in each Area to indicate which Side currently has control. You can use this system in VASSAL and it will work well, but the Zone Highlighter feature allows a more visually interesting option.

[Example Zone highlighter in action image]

Draw your Zones

Step 1 is to create a multi-zoned grid and draw in your zones.

Here is what your map setup should look like, ready to draw you first Zone.

[Image showing Module editor, Map component with multizoned grid added]

Add each zone and use the Zone editor to draw out each Zone. Try and follow the outline of each zone as closely as possible.

[ Image showing Zone editor and a complex shaped zone ]

[ Under Construction ]
For now; some guidance in this forum post.