Module:1812: The Invasion of Canada

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1812 shot03.jpg
Publisher Academy Games Era Napoleonic
Year 2012 Topic American Indian Wars
Players 2 to 5 Scale Strategic
Length 90 minutes


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1812 The Invasion of Canada 1-0-2.vmod module 16.56 MB 2012-11-16 3.2

Module Information

Maintainer balena63
Contributors cyberdisc


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This module was made by a crew of an Italian Blog. Please visit us here

We have received permission from Academy Games and Uwe Eickert, to publish the 1812: "The Invasion of Canada" Vassal module at the Vassal site.
Thanks to Academy Games and Uwe Eickert. They gave us the original map files of the boardgame. This is the reason of a so high quality graphic definition of the module

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