Module:1960: The Making of the President

From Vassal
Publisher Z-Man Games Era Modern
Year 2007 Topic Politics
Players 2 to 2 Scale Strategic
Length Medium


Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility
1960 GMT v1.3.vmod Module 11.62 MB 2018-01-06 3.6.19
1960 GMT v1.2.vmod Module 11.62 MB 2018-01-06 3.2.17
1960 GMT v1.1.vmod Module 11.6 MB 2017-12-17 3.2.17
1960 GMT v1.vmod Module 11.38 MB 2017-10-06 3.2.17

Module Information

Maintainer Joel Toppen
Contributors Joel Toppen


Version 1.3 fixes bug where game resets cubes when you load a saved game file.

1960 GMT Edition VASSAL Module Instructions

1. Map spaces have the cubes built-in. To increase support, right click on a map space, issue counter, regional endorsement counter (gray when neutral), or regional media symbol (near the regional endorsement counter).

2. Cubes will decrease in size as the number of them increase in a space. Maximum of 10 cubes in a space.

3. To make an initiative check: Draw two cubes from the draw pile in the Support Check window. Click the “Reveal” button on the toolbar in that window. If necessary, draw a third cube, right-click on it, and choose flip (or press Ctrl-F). Press the remove cubes button to delete the cubes.

4. DO NOT drag cubes onto the map. To make a support check, draw cubes from the draw pile in the Support Check window. When finished, right-click on the space to add support in accordance with the cube draw. Be sure to delete the cubes that were drawn from the Support Check window.

5. Cubes can only be deleted from the Support Check window.

6. To draw a card, you can do so manually from the deck by dragging, or by pressing the Draw Card button in hand windows.

7. To play a card, right-click on the card and choose to Play. Card will appear on Nixon or on Kennedy (bottom center of main map) depending on what hand window the card originates. Or press Ctrl-P while card is selected to play the card.

8. When the Play Card feature is used, rest cubes are generated and sent to the rest cubes space on the map. Right-click no these cubes to send to draw pile at the appropriate phase of gameplay.

9. To play into campaign strategy, right-click on card and choose Campaign Strategy. Card will be flipped over (so your opponent cannot see it), and sent to the Campaign Strategy box on the map.

10. To place the Prevention event markers, simply right-click on the map space where the counters should be placed and choose to place the marker.

11. For debates, each player will need to drag card face-down on their side of the issue on the debate sideboard. To reveal the cards, drag cards into the Reveal Cards box (this relinquishes ownership), then drag back to the issue on which they were played.

12. To send Issues to the Debate Window, right-click on the issue counter and choose to send to debate window. Issue should go to the appropriate box in the debate sideboard. Sending issues back to the map is the reverse: right-click on the counter while on sideboard and choose to send back to map. Issue should go to the correct space.

13. When moving issues, cubes will remain with the counter as the counter is dragged and dropped.

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