Module:1979: Revolution in Iran

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1979 cover.png
Publisher The Dietz Foundation Era Modern Warfare
Year 2021 Topic Iranian Revolution
Players 2 Scale Strategic
Length 90-120 minutes

Files and Module Information

Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility Developer Other Contributors
1979_Revolution_in_Iran_V1.1.vmod Module 50.06 MB 04/02/2023 3.6.7 Christian van Someren
1979_Revolution_in_Iran_V1.0.vmod Module 49.44 MB 02/02/2023 3.6.7 Christian van Someren

Change Log

V1.1: Changed influence tokens so the values can be 'peeked' at by the Coalition player. Added space below board for active personalities.


Instructions to play the game are in the Vassal module.

Screen Shots


  • Christian van Someren