Module:5th Fleet

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Publisher Victory Games Era Modern Warfare
Year 1989 Topic Naval
Players 2 to 4 Scale Strategic
Length 180minutes+ Series Fleet Series


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5th_Fleet.vmod Module 3.35 MB 2011-04-28 3.1
Info_about_the_5th_Fleet_module.pdf Readme 552 KB 2010-10-25

Module Information

Maintainer stroar
Contributors Ian Cooper, alsandor


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The current version of the module does contain the US and UK minesweepers. They were left forgotten in the original version. Another version of the module also exists. The only difference being that the units leave a movement-trail. This is a trait suitable for PBEM, playing double-blind with moderator. For regular play I find the movement-trails only to be cluttering the map, so I chose to leave that trait out of the main version of the module. Module with movement-trails is available on request.

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  • Ian Cooper
  • Geoffrey Clark
  • David Gross
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  • Timothydowd
  • Ulv Miller
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