Module:A House Divided

From Vassal
Publisher Game Designers Workshop Era Gunpowder
Year 1981 Topic American Civil War
Players 2 to 2 Scale Strategic
Length 240 mins

Files and Module Information

Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility Developer Other Contributors
1.0.7 Phalanx More Options
AHD_v1-0-7.vmod Module 9.48 MB 2018-02-03 VASSAL Version 3.0+ JimSB Mike Hall
1.0.6 Phalanx with Optional Rule support
AHD_v1-0-6.vmod Module 9.19 MB 2018-01-30 VASSAL Version 3.0+ JimSB Mike Hall
1.0.5 Phalanx
AHD_v1-0-5.vmod Module 10.54 MB 2010-09-27 VASSAL Version 3.0+ IanSan5653 Bill Thomson(wga), swampwallaby, dcholtx, mehrunes
1.0 Phalanx
AHD.vmod Module 10.54 MB unknown unknown Bill Thomson(wga) swampwallaby, dcholtx, mehrunes
0.5e GDW 1st Edition
ahd_v05e.vmod Module 8.66 MB 2020-05-04 unknown Bill Thomson(wga) swampwallaby, dcholtx, mehrunes, Askatasuno
0.4 GDW 1st Edition
ahd_v04.vmod Module 2.06 MB 2020-04-12 unknown Bill Thomson(wga) swampwallaby, dcholtx, mehrunes, Askatasuno
0.3 GDW 1st Edition
ahd_v03.vmod Module 591 KB unknown unknown Bill Thomson(wga) swampwallaby, dcholtx, mehrunes
0.2 GDW 1st Edition
ahd_v02.vmod Module 591 KB unknown unknown Bill Thomson(wga) swampwallaby, dcholtx, mehrunes
0.1 GDW 1st Edition
ahd_v01.vmod Module 545 KB unknown unknown Bill Thomson(wga) swampwallaby, dcholtx, mehrunes


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Game Designer's Workshop/Phalanx Games. Challenging introductory level game of the American Civil War campaign. A PBEM tournament will be organized when the module is fully debugged.

Module configuration, contributors are welcome.

The priority of my vassal efforts will be defined by the number of Players on the Vassal page for a given game title.

Game information

Version 0.5 is an update of the old GDW module. Version 0.5e release notes:

  • Map: Louisville errata corrected. (Thanks @ Esparver73 !)
  • Map: Moved Army Size Track to Map.
  • Map: Moved Recruitment Centers to Map.
  • Map: Added LookAt function to the Map.
  • Cleaned unused stuff.
  • Anchored Turn visible to buttons line.
  • Better Control Markers.
  • Added River Marker to help in Battle Map.
  • Ritgh-Click over units show menu : Damage, Kill, Promote Militia, Promote Veteran, Clone, Delete, Entrench
  • Promoting a Militia autosends a new Militia to Recruitment Center

Version 0.4 is an update of the old GDW module. Version 0.4 release notes:

  • Graphics Revamp.
  • Added Charts and Army Size Track.
  • Added States Milicia, Foreign Troops and Port Defenses.
  • Sorted the buttons.
  • Turned counter tray into a multipanel.
  • Added Batte Window.
  • Added Splash picture.
  • Modified turn track to show month and year.

Version 1.0 is the new Phalanx Games version Version 1.0.7: Version 1.0.7 release notes:

  • Added Maximum and Current Army size markers and set up their initial values in the scenarios.
  • Added Confederate and Union Command Markers
  • Added an area on the Confederate Reinforcement pool to track destroyed Veteran and Crack Units for the optional Confederate Replacement Training Rule.
  • Moved the optional leaders to their own tabbed list in the pieces dropdown.

Version 1.0.6: Version 1.0.6 release notes:

  • Fixed missing b_overview.gif
  • Added Command tracks to the Battlefield. Removed them from Player Aid 2 chart
  • Added the alternate 1861 scenario developed by Alan Emrich for his 3.1 Living rules
  • Added port garrisons to Confederate units
  • Added River Crossing to game markers
  • Added Confederate Naval Assets to markers and created a place for them on the main map
  • Reorganized pieces tab to correspond to optional rules sections.

Version 1.0.5: Version 1.0.5 release notes:

  • Removed German tooltips
  • Updated general tooltips to make them more user-friendly
  • Changed the dice interface slightly, so it shows as <$playername$> Dice roll = $result$ instead of 1d6 = $result$ <$playername$>
  • Removed a useless multi-button from the battlefield
  • Added keyboard shortcuts for zooming (ctrl++ to zoom in, ctrl+0 for zoom menu, and ctrl+- to zoom out)
  • Removed state names because they were only on some of the cities



Screen Shots


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