Module:A World at War

From Vassal
Publisher GMT Games Era WWII
Year 2003 Topic Global War
Players 1 to 8 Scale Strategic
Length ~20h


Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility
AWAW_V0_01.vmod A World At War Vassal Module Version 0.01 33.11 MB 2013-11-17 3.2.8
AWAW_V0_02.vmod A World At War Vassal Module Version 0.02 (adds NA scenario, TEC, inversion of units, + more) 34.17 MB 2013-12-19 3.2.8
AWAW_V0_04.vmod A World At War Vassal Module Version 0.04 (adds unit organization, cleaned up counters) 25.98 MB 2014-2-15 3.2.11
AWAW_V0_04a.vmod A World At War Vassal Module Version 0.04a (fixed Japanese 3-3 AAF counter) 25.93 MB 2014-6-21 3.2.11
AWAW V0 05b.vmod A World At War Vassal Module Version 0.05b (See Comments) 27.92 MB 2019-2-28 3.2.17
AWAW_V1_01a.vmod A World At War Vassal Module Version 1.01a (See Comments) 31.81 MB 2019-3-20 3.2.17
AWAW_V1_02-wip.vmod A World At War Vassal Module Version 1.02-wip (See Comments) 31.81 MB 2020-05-02 3.2.17
AWAW_Learning-Project_v1.1.vmod A World At War Vassal Module Version 1.1_Learning-Project (See Comments) 33.08 MB 2021-05-29 3.5.6
AWAW_v2.0.vmod A World At War Vassal Module Version 2.0 (See Comments) 86.49 MB 2022-10-01 3.6.5

Module Information

Maintainer Javier Vilarroig
Contributors Michael Tonks, Denis Leclair, Eben Emael, Mike Westley


BoardGameGeek link

This is an early alpha version of the Vassal module. Contact Mike Westley if you'd like to improve it -- all help is welcome. Some things that definitely could be improved: there are none of the ultra cards in the module, the hex numbering on the maps are not on, there is only one very basic scenario setup so far, it would be nice to have the AAF/Oil/other incremental counters made into 1 counter with layers, it would be nice to be able to send counters to a force pool location, and more.

With the V0.04 changes, hopefully, the module will be a bit more usable.

Currently the module is checked out for editing by Mike Westley. If you'd like to edit it, contact him so he can check in this changes and let you check it out.


This module builds on the work of previous contributors. I have added enough features to allow play of a Historical European Campaign Scenario. Added TF Charts, incremental counters for just about anything that needed them. Added the ability to mask units (essential for naval combat). Soon I will add the charts needed to play a Pacific Historical Campaign Scenario. Then hopefully things for diplomacy, research etc. - Michael Tonks


Added all remaining Charts, a basic BRP Tracking Tool, Magic/Ultra Cards, Turn Counter and variable txt/num label counters for book keeping. With this version all critical data can be kept within the vassal save game file. No need for an external spreadsheet file. - Michael Tonks

Issue with 1.01a: The pre-defined setups were saved as the Axis side, so nobody can start a game as that side, because it's already taken. You need to "retire" and switch to the "Observer" side before saving any pre-defined setups to avoid this problem. Only the "Custom" setup currently allows the Axis side to be selected.


This work-in-progress (WIP) release fixes a bug from the previous version when adding Magic/Ultra cards to a player's deck. I have removed the "Add Cards" menu and instead put the card templates into the Pieces menu. Axis Ultra cards can be found under the German pieces tab, Allied Ultra cards be found in the British pieces tab, Axis Magic cards can be found in the Japanese pieces tab, and finally US Magic cards can be found under the US pieces tab. Simply drag the extra cards from the pieces try over to your deck screen and add the cards to your deck.

I've turned on movement trails by default for all pieces. When you clear the piece's movement status, the movement trails disappear at the same time.

I have added an option to play as a "solo" player. The solo player has access to all of the codebreaking cards without the need to exit and come back in to the game as a different side every time.

I'm keeping the WIP status for now as the module update is still being tested. Please send along any feedback or suggestions for additional features.

~Denis Leclair

V1.1 - Learning Project

Module oriented to learn the SoP: It provides YSS, Game turn and Player turn, including rule references for all phases and subphases.

~Eben Emael

V2.0 (01/09/2022)

This module has been written from scratch.

I plan to periodically publish any major update to the module here.

If you want to stay informed on the status of this module improvements, join us at

There you will get access the latest minor version. Feel free to report there any issue you find in the module. And feel free to collaborate to the module, you can send PR's to improve the module, they will be tested and if OK I will merge them to the main version.

This are some highlights:

   High quality maps and counters. From the original game designer. (Thanks Bruce!!!)
   Full SoP with automatic activation of Oil related actions.
   Feature rich units:
       Show your units selectivelly by category (Air, Armor and others) to help you to plan your offensives.
       Hidden Task Force charts to organize your fleet.
       Uninvert all our naval and air units, taking into account if they redeployed. Also individually.
       Send your units to the forcepool, normal or isolated, with a click.
       Air units show their range when on map and according to the map they are.
       Armor units show their ZOC when on map.
   Oil System:
       Oil Sources:
           Oil Sources generate Oil Counters atomatically at SOP phase D.2.a and manually.
           Unlimited Oil Sources produce more Oil Counters when you take the oneas already there. (Caveats, yous must drop the near the unlimited oil source for that to work)
       Oil Reserves:
           On board Oil Reserves to have an easy control of your oil status.
           Oil Reserves automatically cap to their capacity at the en of your turn.
       Oil Counters:
           Oil counter can be moved, consumed on board or added to your reserves.
           Oil Counters are all destroyed at the end of the turn but the ones in the US Boxes.
           For convenience, all oil is produced and cosumed multiplied by 5, so it’s directly partial oil counters.
           Oil system can be hidden to avoid cluttering the board
   Unit counter
       Compare your current board forces with the expected force level you must have
       Find that pesky unit that become lost in Russia
   Free and open
       You will find the full module available at Codeberg 
       Feel free to post a PR to improve it

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  • Mike Westley
  • Craig
  • Bigdave
  • Michael Tonks
  • Javier Vilarroig