Module:Age Of Steam

From Vassal
Publisher Winsome Games Era Industrial
Year 2002 Topic Transportation
Players 3 to 6 Scale Strategic
Length Medium


Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility
AgeOfSteam_v2.16.vmod Module 6.91 MB 2024-Jan-25 3.7.5
AoS_1830s_PA.vmdx Extension 1.26 MB 2024-Jan-26 3.7.5
AoS_1867_GA_Reconstruction.vmdx Extension 15.69 MB 2024-Jan-26 3.7.5
AoS_African_Diamond_Mines.vmdx Extension 15.51 MB 2024-Jan-26 3.7.5
AoS_Alabama_Railways.vmdx Extension 1.07 MB 2024-Jan-26 3.7.5
AoS_Amazon_Rainforest.vmdx Extension 1 MB 2024-Jan-26 3.7.5
AoS_America.vmdx Extension 15.11 MB 2024-Jan-26 3.7.5
AoS_Antebellum_Louisiana.vmdx Extension 634 KB 2024-Jan-26 3.7.5
AoS_Atlantis.vmdx Extension 1.89 MB 2024-Jan-26 3.7.5
AoS_Australia.vmdx Extension 901 KB 2024-Jan-26 3.7.5
AoS_Barbados_Map.vmdx Extension 278 KB 2024-Jan-26 3.7.5
AoS_Bay_Area.vmdx Extension 1.13 MB 2024-Jan-26 3.7.5
AoS_Beer_and_Pretzels.vmdx Extension 1.15 MB 2024-Jan-26 3.7.5
AoS_CA_Gold_Rush.vmdx Extension 14.84 MB 2024-Jan-26 3.7.5
AoS_Central_New_England.vmdx Extension 1.73 MB 2024-Jan-26 3.7.5
AoS_Disco_Inferno.vmdx Extension 2.46 MB 2024-Jan-26 3.7.5
AoS_Disoriented_Express.vmdx Extension 955 KB 2024-Jan-26 3.7.5
AoS_Essen_Spiel_2008.vmdx Extension 1.67 MB 2024-Jan-26 3.7.5
AoS_Europe.vmdx Extension 14.91 MB 2024-Jan-26 3.7.5
AoS_Four_Corners.vmdx Extension 780 KB 2024-Jan-26 3.7.5
AoS_Golden_Spike.vmdx Extension 15.65 MB 2024-Jan-26 3.7.5
AoS_Jamaica.vmdx Extension 830 KB 2024-Jan-26 3.7.5
AoS_Mississippi_Steamboats.vmdx Extension 15.01 MB 2024-Jan-26 3.7.5
AoS_New_Hampshire.vmdx Extension 1.04 MB 2024-Jan-26 3.7.5
AoS_Northern_California.vmdx Extension 1.35 MB 2024-Jan-26 3.7.5
AoS_Oklahoma_Land_Rush.vmdx Extension 1.2 MB 2024-Jan-26 3.7.5
AoS_Orient_Express.vmdx Extension 599 KB 2024-Jan-26 3.7.5
AoS_Outer_Space.vmdx Extension 14.94 MB 2024-Jan-26 3.7.5
AoS_Puerto_Rico.vmdx Extension 659 KB 2024-Jan-26 3.7.5
AoS_Reversteam.vmdx Extension 14.9 MB 2024-Jan-26 3.7.5
AoS_Sahara_Desert.vmdx Extension 1.38 MB 2021-Feb-2 3.7.5
AoS_Secret_Blueprints.vmdx Extension 3.98 MB 2024-Jan-26 3.7.5
AoS_Sharing.vmdx Extension 765 KB 2024-Jan-26 3.7.5
AoS_Soul_Train.vmdx Extension 2.29 MB 2024-Jan-26 3.7.5
AoS_South_Carolina.vmdx Extension 14.87 MB 2024-Jan-26 3.7.5
AoS_St_Lucia_map.vmdx Extension 613 KB 2024-Jan-26 3.7.5
AoS_Taiwan_Cube_Factories.vmdx Extension 14.85 MB 2024-Jan-26 3.7.5
AoS_Tasmania.vmdx Extension 912 KB 2024-Jan-26 3.7.5
AoS_Trisland.vmdx Extension 2.18 MB 2024-Jan-26 3.7.5
AoS_Underground_Railroad.vmdx Extension 14.89 MB 2024-Jan-26 3.7.5
AoS_Vermont.vmdx Extension 1.2 MB 2024-Jan-26 3.7.5
AgeOfSteam_v2.06.vmod Module 5.91 MB 2023-Jul-08 3.6.19
AgeOfSteam_v2.01.vmod Module 5.85 MB 2022-Feb-28 3.6.4
AgeOfSteam_v1.75.vmod Module 5.49 MB 2021-Dec-7 3.5.8
AoS_Umbria.vmdx Extension 306 KB 2021-Dec-7 3.5.8
AgeOfSteam_v1.71.vmod Module 5.54 MB 2021-Nov-12 3.5.8
AgeOfSteam_v1.43.vmod Module 31.82 MB 2021-Jan-26 3.4.12
AgeOfSteam.vmod Module 1.43 MB unknown unknown
AoS France map.vmdx Extension 783 KB unknown unknown
AoS Ireland map.vmdx Extension 791 KB unknown unknown
AoS scandinavia map.vmdx Extension 906 KB unknown unknown

Module Information

Maintainer Alham
Contributors Alham


You can find a how-to-use video for this module on YouTube.

NOTE: to use the newest features, do NOT use the predefined game setups to create a new game. Instead, set your table with the "color score sheet", "color goods display", "player aid", and map of choice. Also pull the appropriate player mats from the Pieces tray.


  • Improvements
-Additional scripting and automation throughout.
-"Supply Arrows" available to more easily see where cubes in Goods Display will go.


  • Improvements
-Improved accuracy on Shares To Issue calculator.
-Additional scripting to collect income, pay expenses, and do income reduction; must use "color score sheet" and player mats from the Pieces tray.


  • Improvements
-Simplified many controls (fewer control-buttons; use left/right/up/down arrows or simple key presses instead).
-New player color options, with matching tokens and player mats.
  • New features
-Income Sheet tokens now track income, engine level, shares issued.
-Net (Income - Expenses) calculated automatically.
-Ownership markers can now indicate track VP value (need to update them manually).
-VP (track and income-shares) calculated automatically.
-Includes a calculator for shares-to-issue; MUST choose player color when joining game. NOTE: issue shares to cover bid+build costs first, then consult the calculator.
-Player count button to update Turn Track; map extensions (anything v1.5 and later) may use that information if needed.


  • This is a significantly modified version of the original module: new graphics, different map (Portugal -- thanks, Vital Lacerda!), additional functionality.
  • NOT necessarily compatible with extensions made for the original module.
  • Each of the .vmdx files should be saved in a folder ("AgeOfSteam_v1.43_ext"), in the same location as the base AgeOfSteam_v1.43.vmod file.
  • How to use: after opening the module, you can create a new game. Use one of the predefined setups in the menu, or create your own layout of boards (you'll generally need to choose the color goods display, color score sheet, the map, and the player area). When a player is joining a game, they must choose a player color. However, this is ONLY relevant for the Secret Blueprints expansion (where everyone has a personal window kept hidden from everyone else); for every other map (so far), just choose "observer". More details are in the help file in the module.
  • Huge thanks to the designers and artists for permission to release!
-Ted Alspach/Bezier Games: designer/publisher for most of the included maps
-Lajos Brons ( user Lajos): Corsica map; map-drawing graphics
-Kevin McCurdy ( user Kevin in Kansas): game graphics updates, some map redraws
-Chris Phillips ( user TheRocketSurgeon): several map redraws
-Sergio Roscini ( user RoSKoMaNTe): Umbria map
-Richie Turner ( user Iskreemman): some map redraws
  • Included maps:
1830's Pennysylvania
1867 Georgia Reconstruction
African Diamond Mines
Alabama Railways
Amazon Rainforest
Bay Area
Beer & Pretzels
California Gold Rush
Central New England (NH and VT)
Corsica print and play
Disco Inferno
Disoriented Express
Essen Spiel 2008
Four Corners
Golden Spike
Mississippi Steamboats
Northern California
Oklahoma Land Rush
Outer Space
Portugal print and play
Sahara Desert
Secret Blueprints (1, 2, and 3)
Soul Train
South Carolina
St. Lucia
Taiwan Cube Factories
Underground Railroad


Age Of Steam 1.0 module comes with 3 maps : - Ireland - France - Scandinavia

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