Module:Age of Bismarck: The Unifications of Italy and Germany 1859-1871

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Publisher Fog of War Publications, LLC Era Gunpowder
Year 2017 Topic Post-Napoleonic
Players 2 to 4 Scale Strategic
Length 180-360 Min


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"Age of Bismarck: The Unifications of Italy and Germany, 1859 – 1871 is a strategic simulation which models these great unification campaigns and the nationalistic drives that gave birth to them. Blending an active war fighting with a diplomatic warfare system, Age of Bismarck models the periods of hot war and the much more prevalent periods of cold war during this dynamic thirteen year period of European history.

Age of Bismarck hearkens back to the SPI Power Politics brand of games, ushered into the modern era of gaming by using the unique card-driven system pioneered by Mark Herman in We the People. The system allows a player to assume the role of Prussia, Sardinia, France, or Austria to see if they can successfully blend war and peace to attain their national objectives — objectives which can and will conflict with those of the other nation-states involved. The system also allows two and three player games, which challenges the player through the shifting of national alliances and the blending of nationalistic objectives."

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