From Vassal
Publisher nestorgames Era unknown
Year 2016 Topic Abstract Strategy
Players 1 to 2 Scale Strategic
Length 20 mins


Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility
BigBang.vmod module "BigBang.vmod" does not exist 2022-02-28 3.6.5

Module Information

Maintainer AleCrespi
Contributors Miguel Marqués


Big*Bang is an abstract game with a strong theme, the first minutes of our Universe. On an elongated hexagonal grid, one player tries to fuse protons and neutrons in order to form Hydrogen and Helium, while the other fuses antiprotons and antineutrons in order to form antiHydrogen and antiHelium. However, every turn they will have the choice: fuse their own nuclei, or annihilate the opponent's?

The three victory conditions (produce the most light through annihilation, form the most Helium, and form the most massive star) force players to find an equilibrium between the different options, that quickly shrink with the board as nuclei fuse and annihilate. The rules are simple, the playtime short, and you might learn some Physics!

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