Module:Bios: Megafauna

From Vassal
Publisher Sierra Madre Games Era Prehistoric
Year 2011 Topic Animals
Players 2 to 4 Scale Strategic
Length 120 Minutes Series BIOS series

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Maintainer Samuelw3
Contributors Bruce Mansfield


In Bios: Megafauna, a reworking of Phil Eklund's own American Megafauna, players start as proto-dinosaurs or proto-mammals, starting in the post-holocaust world of the Permian catastrophe. Animals are tracked by dentition, size, aggressiveness, swiftness, browsing, grazing, burrowing, swimming, behavior, and insect-eating. Plants and animals that have gone extinct are collected in an area on the map called the tarpits. These tiles are distributed among the most populous players as victory points during four scoring rounds.

Players cope with intense competition and environmental changes by starting new species and mutating them. Create bizarre chimeras, from vegetarian velociraptors to flying dolphins. Establish subterranean civilizations, tame fire, or just be super-sexy.

Reimplements: American Megafauna

(Extension for Origins: How we became Human extends Bios to play Bios-Origins, or Origins alone. See Page for O:HWBH) (Module is in testing and should be released November 2013)

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