Module:Blood & Steel

From Vassal
Publisher L2 Design Group Era WWII
Year 1999 Topic Eastern Front
Players 2 to 2 Scale Operational
Length unknown


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Maintainer NONE
Contributors rickbill


IAW the wishes of L2 Design Group's wishes, I have removed the BnS vassal module.

Here is the letter stating their policy.

  1. RB

Hi Rick,

L2 Design Group does not allow it's games to be distributed in any form of media including computer media without permission.

And, we do not support any form of computer program other than ADC2 at this moment in time. That may change, but for now, this is our stand on VASSAL.

Sorry for any inconvenience, but the answer, in a nutshell, is no.


Best regards,


This is why I no longer support L2. As the wargame industry continues to boom there are plenty of other contenders for my time, and I've found that a complete lack of interest in facilitating the customer's ability to play any particular company's game to be a complete deal-breaker for my gaming dollars.


If you would like to see the module of this game made available please contact the Copyright Holder(s) to change their policy

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