Module:Blue vs. Gray

From Vassal
Publisher GMT Games Era Gunpowder
Year 1999 Topic American Civil War
Players 2 to 4 Scale Strategic
Length Medium

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By permission of GMT Games to Andreas Ludwig / Denny Koch. Original module was created on their behalf by Tim McCarron.

Blue vs. Gray is an innovative card game that covers the whole span of the civil war at the strategic level.

2.51 Updates:

  • 1) Various minor fixes/improvements, including fixing Wilson's strength not adjusting properly when withdrawn; fixing double-announcement of 1864 Elections; Infernal Machines now properly sends a depleted unit to cadre, not discard; spelling fix in Blue Mountain Boys description; John Brown no longer announces restoration of cards in discard pile; cards are always sent to discard face-up and undepleted.
  • 2) Added "Atlantic Theater" flag for USA commands in the East when that optional rule is selected (right-click on the command's strength marker).

2.5 Updates:

  • 1) Automated almost all record-keeping functions: Blockade status; CSA production; USA and CSA supply/turn and draws/turn; Objectives (VP). Changes to these statuses are reported in chat log.
  • 2) Players must still manually adjust Railnet, which has a new box on-board for tracking.
  • 3) Players can now declare an attack by right-clicking on the target city. Supply will automatically be deducted, or a warning will issue that there was no supply to launch the attack.
  • 4) Automated several Enigma cards. All Enigma cards now announce their effects.
  • 5) Added window to allow players to select optional rules in force. Two optional rules (Cavalry Losses and Trans-Mississippi) are fully automated.
  • 6) A command may now be flagged as having attacked or defended already in the current turn, for ease of tracking in PBEM.
  • 7) Cards may now be drawn back to hand from Cadre by right-clicking. (Same applies to Banks and Beauregard when deployed.)
  • 8) Game announces when victory is triggered by adjustment of Objective (VP) track, by 1864 Elections, or by capture of Washington.
  • 9) Help file has been revised and is now in HTML.
  • 10) Added Notes window.
  • 11) Various minor fixes/improvements including: fixed strength of Pope and XXII Corps; Van Dorn no longer discarded twice at Late War if viewed by Pauline Cushman; USA can now remove CSA "attack" icon and vice-versa; fixed names for Charleston / Ft. Sumter and Hooker; fixed asterisk on Banks showing through card mask; Monitor no longer announces capture of Norfolk if it's already captured; solo player can no longer perform commands on cards in "spy" hands; removed shift-R trigger to re-activate all units, which interfered with chat; "Must Play" USA corps can't be hidden in corner of hand; added "Start Here" label at game start and introductory message when game begins; automated Sherman's Favor status; for solo play, replaced "Solo" with "CSA" or "USA" in various reporting messages; Department of Washington, Forrest, XXII Corps, Reserve Corps and Provisional Corps all warn the player if they are on the wrong mapboard; made pre-start decks not interfere with manipulating cards in Cadre.

2.4 Updates:

  • 1) Changed "depleted" icon to show the depleted strength of unit.
  • 2) Added "withdrawal" icon to show when a unit is withdrawn from combat or flipped over in cadre.
  • 3) Added various markers to assist in tracking combat, including a marker that can be attached to each command that auto-updates to show current strength and number of activated units.
  • 4) Enigma cards with lasting effects stay on-board until discarded. Some discarding is automated, e.g. when Monitor and Ironclads cancel each other out.
  • 5) New counter for "free restores/turn" for USA and CSA.
  • 6) Supply and free restores/turn for CSA are automatically updated based on blockade status, active enigmas, and Production. (Blockade status, Production, and USA supply/turn must still be manually updated. USA restores/turn is always 1.)
  • 7) Added reporting messages for various actions, as well as Preferences options to turn some of them off.
  • 8) Map cards can't be played to board if not legal to do so; reminder messages appear when they must be discarded or (for CSA) played. Map spaces cannot be captured before the corresponding map card is played.
  • 9) "Spy" cards (Pauline Cushman and La Belle Rebelle) now work.
  • 10) Various toolbar buttons added, including one to view hand size and another to track whether Emancipation Proclamation can be played.
  • 11) Setup buttons now draw initial hands for players and remind CSA player to take initial deployment phase.
  • 12) Spaces are now captured automatically as a result of Enigmas (e.g. Monitor), map card play (e.g. New Berne), and violation of Kentucky neutrality.
  • 13) Various fixes including: fixed initial CSA hand; fixed typos/errors on CSA Card K and Halleck; fixed neutral spaces gaining pesthole status on control change; fixed error with Knoxville space; added tracker for CSA late war; Van Dorn automatically discarded at CSA late war; USA supply/turn automatically goes up at USA late war; restricted availability of various actions when not legal (e.g. can't discard cavalry or naval units).

2.3 Updates:

  • 1) Before, when you played a map card, the locations on the map did not match the locations on the card (color/fort/pesthole). Now they do.
  • 2) Player draw sizes corrected
  • 3) Module now alerts you when locations change control or markers move.
  • 4) Red asterisks markers added to cards to draw your attention to special notes (ex: Will not subordinate)
  • 5) All cards corrected for step loss capability (ex: Forrest is now a 2-step card, as per the card's instructions).

2.2 Updates:

  • 1) Players are alerted how many cards until the 1864 Election and until the USA Late War begins, as well as how many cards are in the CSA & USA draw decks.
  • 2) Players can pile up cards in the corner of their respective 'hand' windows.
  • 3) The USA player cannot view the CSA hand and the CSA player cannot view the USA player's hand. No need to hide cards in your hand any longer.
  • 4) Players can move each others cards, but cannot flip them.
  • 5) Tidewater militia card is corrected. It now has 2 steps.
  • 6) Map cards can now be manually rotated.
  • 7) Readme file included for using the module.
  • 8) Options for the historical and non-historical set-ups.

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