From Vassal
Publisher Rio Grande Games Era Medieval
Year 2000 Topic City Building
Players 2 to 5 Scale Abstract
Length 45 minutes Series Carcassonne

Files and Module Information

Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility Developer Other Contributors
Carcassonne-3.0.2.vmod Module 35.29 MB 2021-12-30 3.6.3 jrwatts
CarcDocs.301..txt Docs/Rules 1 KB 2014-07-30 unknown Corwyn
Carcassonne-3.0.1.vmod Module 35.72 MB 2014-07-30 3.2.15 Corwyn
Carc300.Docs.txt Docs/Rules 27 KB 2014-07-30 unknown Corwyn
Carcassonne-3.0.0.vmod Module 34.45 MB 2014-07-30 3.2.12 Corwyn
Carcassonne-2.0.5.vmod Module 3.43 MB 2012-02-21 3.1.18 bugggg
Carcassonne-2.0.4.vmod Module 3.43 MB 2012-02-21 3.1.18 bugggg
Carcassonne-2.0.3.vmod Module 3.43 MB 2012-02-21 3.1.18 bugggg
Carcassonne-Corrected2.0.2.vmod Module 3.43 MB 2011-10-19 3.1.18 bugggg
Carcassonne-Corrected.vmod Module 3.43 MB unknown unknown YearofGlad
carcassonne-2.0.vmod Module 3.34 MB unknown unknown ColtsFan76 aidendouglass
Carcassonne-Simple.vmod Module 1,014 KB unknown unknown Sultan


Carcassonne-3.0.2: Outdated custom code updated (thank you Joel Uckelman!) so module can still work with VASSAL 3.6+, badly formed BeanShell updated to work in VASSAL 3.4+ (older versions of VASSAL ignored extraneous $-signs in BeanShell, but newer versions do not).

 Note that this update has *not* been thoroughly tested (it's huge!), but I (jrwatts) am willing to fix any further bugs found unless Corwyn (or anyone else, for that matter) decides he wants to take over again.  I do not intend to expand the module any further, however.

Carc301.Docs.txt: Addendum to Doc file for Carcassonne-3.0.0 vmod, below

( full version also included IN module, as 'Module Notes' helpfile )

Carcassonne-3.0.1: Added support for new mini-expansions, released since v 3.0.0,

 plus minor cosmetic changes

Carc300.Docs.txt: Doc file for Carcassonne-3.0.0 vmod ( also included IN module, as 'Module Notes' helpfile )

Carcassonne-3.0.0: Update/complete rewrite of 2.0.5 module, to use many new VASSAL 3.2+ features (virtual keynames, in particular)

Also includes support for ALL current official expansion sets,

as well as many of the fan expansions available from (the Oceans, the Forests, etc)

See the included 'Module Notes' help file, for a complete listing, and details on the other features added.

Carcassonne Corrected 2.0.2: Adds the ability to rotate 180 degrees by pressing ctrl-; or through the context menu in order to speed up gameplay. WARNING: MAY BE BUGGY.

Carcasonne Corrected:

The Carcasonne Corrected VMOD is a corrected version of the Carcasonne-2.0 module listed above. This version has no infinite loops, along with a reworked Jail window for use with the Tower expansion. It features 8 working expansions, along with the base game. Kudos to the creators of the original module; 95% of the work is theirs.

Carcasonne Simple:

Simplified programming

Carcassonne is a popular German game created by Klaus-Jürgen Wrede and published by Hans im Glück Verlag.

Usage of this module implies that you own a hard copy of the game.

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Version History

  • 1.2 - Basic Edition
  • 2.0 - Includes Expansions
  • 2.0 - Infinite loop correction
  • 2.0.2 - Adds 180 degree rotation
  • 2.0.3 - Fixes 180 rotation
  • 2.0.4 - Adds optional player hands for draw-3 variant
  • 2.0.5 - Fix for Black and Yellow player hands

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