Module:Cave Evil

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Publisher Emperors of Eternal Evil Era Apocalyptic
Year 2011 Topic Horror
Players 2 to 4 Scale Tactical
Length 180 minutes


Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility
CaveEvil_v1.vmod Module 44.51 MB 2015-9-17 3.2.15

Module Information

Maintainer Eduardo Guimarães


INSTRUCTIONS (still under construction, sorry for my rough english)

1) Before the start of every game, DON'T forget to enter the SETUP button (the button with the necromonk card back on it). There you'll find:

- First stack is the Necromancer stack, for each player to drawn one random necromancer. Below the Necromancer stack are the two Mini Black Wizard cards.

- Second stack is the starting necromonk stack, for the starting hand.

- Third stack is the Awakening evil stack. The Evil Black Old Goat is below the stack, so if you want the simpler game as writen in the Game Setup (page 5 of the rulebook), just keep the Goat there, if you want to play the full game, you have to put the Goat in the stack before drawing the Awakening evil card.

- Fifth stack is the Protector stack. When you want to drawn a Protector card, go here.

- Sixth is the 4 excavation Diamond cards. If you want to play with these, right click and send it to the excavation deck. If you want to play the full game you HAVE to send this cards to the excavation deck (right click it and send it to deck).

- The last 2 stacks are the Abyss and Summon cards that the Game Setup (rulebook page 5) suggests to remove for a simpler game. If you want to play the full game you HAVE to send this cards to their respective decks (right click to easily send them).

2) The excavation tiles have a LOCK feature. When you lock the tile, the tile will not move or rotate. Once locked, if you want to move the piece again, just right click it and select UNLOCK. To use one tile as a colapse tile, right click on the tile you want to use and select COLLAPSE.

3) The END TURN button is just to easily clean the trails left from the squad pieces, it's not mandatory to click it at the end of the turn.

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