Module talk:Cave Evil

From Vassal

Everything looks and seems to work great on this module! Thank you for creating it. I have the real game, and this will be a great way to play with folks who can't make it over to the house! I'm looking forward to trying the module out in a match soon!

Masking behaviour

Thanks a million Eduardo, this module is bringing us much pleasure during lockdown. Two questions...

1) We are playing by email and we have decided we want to change the masking behaviour as everyone keeps forgetting to flip their cards for others to see when they play them.

So I edited the card prototypes for each deck: took out the transparent mask image with the heads on it and switched in the normal card back. I also took out the reporting when the card flips, so that we wouldn't accidentally reveal our cards when we flip them in our hand.

Somehow this doesn't seem to have been enough to change the card behaviour. They are still masking as before. Can anyone figure out what I did wrong? It's probably something very simple as I am new at editing Vassal modules.

2) the Wandering/Enemy monster markers for kill points are missing from the yellow Squad page. I can't figure out why. The only issue I could find is that the yellow Reminder tokens are selected for "Every Player" whereas the others are colour-specified. But changing this doesn't seem to have helped.

Maybe there is something I need to do, more than just saving the edited module file, to make these changes come into force??