Module:Codex: Card-Time Strategy

From Vassal
Publisher Sirlin Games Era Fantasy
Year 2016 Topic Fighting
Players 2 to 2 Scale Strategic
Length 60

Files and Module Information

Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility Developer Other Contributors
Codex-1.0.vmod Module 77.42 MB 2016-03-07 3.2.15 zhavier
Codex-1.3.vmod Module 77.74 MB 2016-03-18 3.2.15 zhavier
Codex_1.4.vmod Module 77.6 MB 2016-04-15 3.2.15 zhavier
Codex_CoreSet.vmdx Extension 43.69 MB 2016-04-15 3.2.15 zhavier
Codex_BluevsBlack.vmdx Extension 33.92 MB 2016-04-15 3.2.15 zhavier
Codex_WhitevsPurple.vmdx Extension 30.3 MB 2016-04-15 3.2.15 zhavier
Codex_1.1.vmod Module 3.25 MB 2016-03-08 3.2.15 1dabread
Codex_2.2.vmod Module 1.7 MB 2016-03-11 3.2.15 1dabread
Codex_2.3.vmod Module 1.71 MB 2016-03-15 3.2.15 1dabread
Codex_2.4.vmod Module 1.72 MB 2016-04-04 3.2.15 1dabread
Codex_all_decks_no_text.vmdx Extension 8.07 MB 2016-04-04 3.2.15 1dabread
Codex_golden_button_update.vmdx Extension 7 KB 2016-04-10 3.2.15 1dabread



Version 1.3

  • V1.3 supports the colorful playing board and more automation functions. Not for use with any of the Module II files.

Version 1.4

  • V1.4 has even more automation functions, such as discard/draw step as a one click button. Maps and Tokens extension forthcoming.
  • Each Codex can be populated by right clicking a spec in the factions page and sending it to one player or the other. Starting deck is determined by which spec is chosen first.
  • The Extensions work with V1.4, and add the Print and Play color factions to the list of factions. The cards are blank of rules text, and I have modified the .bat file .bat file created for MII for use with these extensions,. Please support the Print and Play.


Version 1.1

  • Version 1.x is only the starter set.

Version 2.2

  • Codex_2.x is the base of the game plus all of the starter cards.
  • To add the rest of the cards you just need to add the Codex_all_decks_no_text.vmdx

Version 2.3


  • Updated board graphic
  • Updated messages
  • Updated Player Hand buttons
  • Added a Discard All button to Player Hand
  • Added more "Send-To" options for most cards
  • Added Gold Counter

Version 2.4


  • Tokens have Send-To menu
  • Chits can now be deleted
  • Added button to hand (discard 1 @ random)
  • Updated board graphic (again)
  • Updated codex grid
  • Zoom now always un-rotated
  • Added Chit commands
  • Tokens now on correct layer
  • New Codex card command Pick (flips and discards)

Known Bugs:

  • Counter text (sometimes) displays different than where it should


  • Codex_all_decks_no_text.vmdx - All non-starter cards and tokens. | Compatible with 2.x
  • Codex_golden_button_update.vmdx - Adds a button to the player board. Sends coins to the base. | Compatible with 2.3 and above


  • To add the rest of the cards to 2.x you just need to add the Codex_all_decks_no_text.vmdx
  • All cards are 188x263 and the naming format is <cost>_<name>.jpeg (e.g. 7_lord_of_shadows)
  • Support Sirlin Games Print n' Play

IMPORTANT NOTE: Extractor tool available for Print and Play cards here

Screen Shots


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  • 1dabread