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Publisher Avalon Hill Era Renaissance
Year 1981 Topic Exploration
Players 1 to 5 Scale Strategic
Length Medium

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ConquistadorMod1_3.vmod Module 38.06 MB 2022-03-20 3.6.5 clanmacrae9 BarflyWingnut


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The Avalon Hill edition is a one to four player game, featuring the Spanish (green counters), French (blue counters), English (pink counters) and Portuguese (yellow counters). This edition of the game was published in 1982 with a mounted map in a bookcase box. The "Fur Traders & Buccaneers" variant in The GENERAL Vol.21 No.5 added counters and rules for Dutch, Danish, and slave units.

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  • About the Conquistador Module:
  • Version 1.3
    • Conquistador version 1.3 contains everything that is in 1.2 and 1.1.
    • Adds the Avalon Hill Version of the Naval Attrition Map - Note the SPI version of the table can be accessed by selecting CTRL and selecting the table (Which is a piece) then selecting Invisible. Toggling back and forth alternates the table between the two versions.
  • Version 1.2
    • Conquistador 1.2 includes everything in version 1.1 but includes the following:
      • Generic counter which includes a fortress design for special rule usage
      • Counters have the ability to enter play as faded for special rule usage
  • Version 1.1
    • Conquistador 1.1 includes everything in version 1.0 but fixes the following:
      • Map 'follows opponents move' problem
      • I believe you should be able to use 1.0 saved files with version 1.1 as there are no changes to the game pieces, map, artwork or traits. I have not tested this, however. Like explorers to the new world, if you go there, please let me know.
  • Version 1.0
    • Conquistador 1.0 includes the following features:
      • Three versions of the map are included
        • - The original (but graphically enhanced) version
        • - A bonus map with alternate interpretations per the For God & the King rules
        • - A bonus map designed specifically for the "Fur Traders and Buccaneers" variant
        • - Maps include mouse-over hex grid locations
      • Pre-set scenarios include:
        • - The original 2, 3,and 4 player scenarios from the rules
        • - Bonus 2, 3, and 4 player scenarios per original rules but on the "For God and the King variant map
        • - Bonus German Bankers Scenario per the "For God and the King" variant
        • - Bonus 2, 3, and 4 player scenarios per the "Fur Traders and Buccaneers"
      • Vassal Module functionality
        • - The 1d6 gives results in the text window, but also displays the die face in the menu
        • - A special "Missionary randomizer" die determines the missionary level (versus a draw pool) Results visible in the menu or in the text window
        • - Native levels are adjustable on the map - Right click to change
        • - Control of areas are assignable on the map - Right click on the mouse symbol to display the owning flag for the applicable faction
      • Expeditionary Logs
        • - Graphically customized for each faction
        • - Holland and Denmark Expeditionary Logs included
        • - Bonus customized German expeditionary log
        • - Right Click on data to adjust for planning/VP totals/Discoveries
        • - Masking permits private planning
      • Counters
        • - Holland given its own set of counters (Orange, admittedly slightly anachronistic, but not completely)

Hope everyone enjoys the module. If you see any detail that is wrong, typo, artwork...anything e-mail me at

Rob clanmacrae9

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