From Vassal
Publisher (Self-Published) Era Modern
Year 2022 Topic Economic
Players 1 to 4 Scale Strategic
Length Choose the length yourself

Files and Module Information

Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility Developer Other Contributors
Contractors.vmod Module 11.26 MB 2022-08-25 3.6.7 Wiz8rd
Contractors Tutorial.vlog Tutorial 262 KB 2022-08-25 3.6.7 Wiz8rd

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Each player starts their own start-up company within each trade (landscape, construction, building or installations). Each player starts with 2 random small contracts, 2 craftsmen within the company's trade and $ 50,000. All card decks are shuffled.

The first player to develop their entire business to level 4 wins the game. You can also choose to play for a certain period, where the winner is the player with the greatest company value.

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