Module:Crimea: Conquest & Liberation

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Crimea box cover 230627.jpg
Publisher Multi-Man Publishing Era WWII
Year 2023 Topic Eastern Front
Players 2 to 6 Scale Operational
Length Long Series Operational Combat Series

Files and Module Information

Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility Developer Other Contributors
Crimea v1_03.vmod Module 18.02 MB 2024-02-18 3.7.8 Jeff Coyle Herman Wu {{{contributors}}}
Crimea v1_02.vmod Module 18.02 MB 2024-02-01 3.7.7 Jeff Coyle Herman Wu {{{contributors}}}
Crimea v1_01.vmod Module 18.07 MB 2024-01-06 3.7.6 Jeff Coyle Herman Wu {{{contributors}}}
Crimea v1_0.vmod Module 17.9 MB 2023-11-25 3.7.5 Jeff Coyle Herman Wu {{{contributors}}}


Version 1.03: Counter erratum: move mode MA value updated for the 20 Pz Division artillery unit.

Version 1.02: Updated unit highlighting functions: Highlight Supply to include Low Stocks markers, Highlight Railheads to include RR Repair units. Additional typo corrections on Axis OOA and Soviet tables.

Version 1.01: Errata corrections for on-map and off-map charts.

Version 1.00: Initial Version

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  • Jeff Coyle