Module:Crown of Roses

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CoR BC.jpg
Publisher GMT Games Era Medieval
Year 2012 Topic War of the Roses
Players 2 to 4 Scale Strategic
Length Long


Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility
CoR_1.2.vmod Module 54.85 MB 2013-02-05 3.2.2
CoR_1.2.1.vmod Module 54.88 MB 2016-05-01 3.2.2

Module Information

Maintainer Joel Toppen
Contributors Joel Toppen


GMT Games 2012; Stephen A. Cuyler Design

Version 1.2.1 updated: Fixed missing Wiltshire block, thanks to user mikeOliver at BGG. Uploaded with permission from GMT and CoR Developer (myself).

Version 1.2 update: Fixed the Devastated, Plague, and Plundered markers so they properly convert into Depleted markers.


1. Blocks are all stowed in an "Inactive Blocks" window. Each block's home territory has been coded into it and right-clicking will send to these territories.

2. Hand windows have "draw card" buttons. Clicking them will do what you would expect a button with this label to do...

3. There is a space in the hand windows for a game piece such as a card or counter to be "declared." When everyone has their OP card, for example, placed into this space, pressing the declaration button on the toolbar will send all pieces to a declarations window where the pieces will be revealed along with the identity of who played the piece. Note that right-clicks don't work on cards in the declarations window, just drag the pieces from this window to reenable right-click features.

4. Support markers are in a "Deck" stack on the map. Right-click and choose to select a card (no, I cannot make the menu say "counter" instead of "card"). If this is too much trouble, just draw all the counters out of here and put them into your hand window.

5. Influence counters are in giant stacks at game start. Players should mask these and sort them into smaller stacks for ease of use before beginning play.

6. Yes, I know that there is only one die button for each color. Just keep clicking until you've rolled all the dice you need to roll.

7. No, I don't have any charts scanned into the module. GMT prefers this approach.

8. Yes, I know that pawns on the map don't stack together. I prefer this as it prevents accidental movement.

9. No, you cannot delete pawns, even for unused player seats. This prevents accidental deletion by that one numbskull player that always seems to delete pieces...

10. Sending blocks to a player's parliament window will cause a vote count to tabulate within that window. Please note that this vote count does NOT take into consideration any Ally cards or position of pawn on Support Track. It only counts what's on the blocks.

11. Occasionally a Bad Data error will occur. Its cause is unknown at this time. Just ignore it as it seems to have no impact whatsoever other than to cause unnecessary alarm in users and indigestion in the module designer.

12. No, this game is not like "RISK."

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  • Joel Toppen
  • Mark Stansfield
  • Nick Carter
  • Pekka Hakoma
  • Walts
  • Donald Schoemaker
  • Sebastian Steudtner
  • Ettore Lo Bue