Module:Demyansk Shield: the Frozen Fortress, February-May 1942

From Vassal
Publisher Legion Wargames LLC Era WWII
Year 2017 Topic Eastern Front
Players 2 to 2 Scale Operational


Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility
Demyansk-Shield-V2-5.vmod module 35.05 MB 2020-08-03 3.3.2

Module Information

Maintainer grouchysmurf


Version 2.5

Complete overhaul, in fact a completely new module.

0. There are no charts other than sequence of play and reinforcement charts.

1. There is a separate window with stack of untried units ("?-6" on the menu bar). There are three buttons in this window; click on one that corresponds with scenario that you play. Module will place untried units randomly on the map and reinforcement chart. The green note on the map, reminding you of doing so before start, can be right-click-deleted.

2. There are combat markers to facilitate PBEM games. Mark units participating in attack with same letter. Artilleries supporting the combat should also be marked appropriately. There are also markers with combat odds are results. Grey background markers are for mandatory two-hex retreats.

3. "Recover" flips artilleries to unused side and moves airplanes to "Available" box.

4. All units that can't be rebuild [15.12] are sent to separate window (graveyard) when eliminated.

5. Turn marker can be right-clicked to change the initiative side [5.5]. When you flip it, it changes from balkenkreuz to red star, helping you memorize whose phase it is. When you change the initiative, the order in which it shows phasing side changes, to reflect the initiative change. Additionally, there is unselectable and unmovable marker next to turn track showing who has the initiative.

6. Weather marker feature right-click options enabling you to quickly ground all the planes (or make them available again).

7. All unit counters feature ^D Delete trait--to prevent any mishaps it only can be actived for units not located on the map i.e. you would need to drag-drop counters you want to delete.

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