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Dungeon Crawler Icon.jpg
Publisher Gifted Vision Era Fantasy
Year 2010 Topic Adventure
Players 1 to 1 Scale Strategic
Length medium


Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility
Dungeon_Crawler_1.0.vmod module 14.05 MB 2020-12-17 3.4.11
ShroudOfStarsA01Dungeon.vdck Deck file 81 KB 2020-12-17 3.4.11
ShroudOfStarsA02Dungeon.vdck Deck file 85 KB 2020-12-17 3.4.11
ShroudOfStarsA03Dungeon.vdck Deck file 86 KB 2020-12-17 3.4.11
ShroudOfStarsA04Dungeon.vdck Deck file 85 KB 2020-12-17 3.4.11

Module Information

Maintainer Gattsu (talk)


Dungeon Crawler is an adventure card game that is playable alone or with friends. You get to choose Adventurers, equip them, design your own Quests to conquer, seek out the evils that terrorize the lands, and save the Damsel. This intelligently designed game pulls together extraordinary art and fantasy flavor that can keep you spellbound in epic adventure.

Version 1.0 This is the first version of a fan made Vassal module for "Dungeon Crawler Inc". Beside "The Thorne"-Expansion all other Expansions are added to the module. Currently the Module only supports Solitaire Play.

© 2010 Gifted Vision. All rights reserved. Included by permission of the publisher.

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