Module:Eldritch Horror

From Vassal
Publisher Fantasy Flight Games Era Modern
Year 2013 Topic Horror
Players 1 to 8 Scale Abstract
Length 120 - 240 minutes Series Arkham Horror


Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility
Eldritch_Horror_1.9.2.vmod Base Game 18.54 MB 2023-01-21 3.4.9+
Eldritch_Horror_1.9.1.vmod Base Game 18.51 MB 2020-11-21 3.4.9
Eldritch_Horror_1.9.vmod Base Game 18.55 MB 2016-10-05 3.2.15
Forsaken_Lore_1.9.vmdx Forsaken Lore expansion 8.15 MB 2016-10-05 3.2.15
Mountains_of_Madness_1.9.vmdx Mountains of Madness expansion 15.82 MB 2016-10-05 3.2.15
Strange_Remnants_1.9.vmdx Strange Remnants expansion 10.92 MB 2016-10-05 3.2.15
Under_the_Pyramids_1.9.vmdx Under the Pyramids expansion 13.71 MB 2016-10-05 3.2.15
Signs_of_Carcosa_1.9.vmdx Signs of Carcosa expansion 10.82 MB 2016-10-05 3.2.15
Children_of_Yuggoth_1.9.vmdx Children of Yuggoth fan-made expansion 4.1 MB 2016-10-05 3.2.15
Eldritch_Horror_1.8.vmod Base Game 19.53 MB 2016-08-07 3.2.15
Forsaken_Lore_1.8.vmdx Forsaken Lore expansion 7.24 MB 2016-08-07 3.2.15
Mountains_of_Madness_1.8.vmdx Mountains of Madness expansion 14.84 MB 2016-08-07 3.2.15
Strange_Remnants_1.8.vmdx Strange Remnants expansion 9.63 MB 2016-08-07 3.2.15
Under_the_Pyramids_1.8.vmdx Under the Pyramids expansion 12.79 MB 2016-08-07 3.2.15

Module Information

Maintainer Foobarius


ATTENTION: This module is no longer being actively maintained. The module contains custom Java code that has been updated for compatibility with Vassal version 3.6 and should work with all Vassal versions from 3.4.9 onwards. The source of the Java custom code is included in a folder inside the module.

Please Note: Version 1.9 of this module will not work with VASSAL 3.4.8 or later. Use version 1.9.2 of this module with VASSAL 3.4.9+.

Important: You need a physical copy of the game to use this module. In order to comply with FFG's policy, text has been redacted from some cards. Specifically, the following text is missing:

  • The text on the back of Condition cards, except for the title.
  • The text on the back of Spell cards, except for the title and number.

Refer to your physical copy of the game when this text is required. Condition cards can be identified by their title, and Spell cards by the combination of their title and number.

Font Problem with Java 6

The fonts on some cards (Encounter cards and Mythos cards for example) are not correct when VASSAL is run with Java 6 or earlier. It seems that system default fonts are being used, making the cards pretty much unreadable.

To fix this, download and install a Java Runtime Environment (JRE) with version 7 or higher. JRE installers are available for download from the Oracle website - at the time of writing, the latest version (8u60) can be found here.

"Combined Window" Option

The Preferences dialog contains an option labelled Use combined application window (to access it, after opening the module go to the File menu, choose Preferences, then select the General tab if it isn't selected already). I recommend you disable this option, by unchecking the box and restarting the module. Window management with this module works better if the windows are independent.

Moving the Sideboard

By default, the Mountains of Madness sideboard is placed below the main map. You can move it to the right side of the main map if you prefer - first select the sideboard by holding down the SHIFT key and clicking on it. Once selected, the sideboard can be dragged and dropped where you want it.

Release History

Version 1.9.2

  • Fixed compatibility warnings when using with VASSAL 3.6 and later.

Version 1.9.1

  • Fixed for use with VASSAL 3.4.9 and later.

Version 1.9

  • Add the Signs of Carcosa expansion.
  • Add the Children of Yuggoth fan-made expansion.
  • Use SVG for Investigator sheets and Ancient One sheets instead of JPEG.

Version 1.8

  • Add the Under the Pyramids expansion.
  • Add support for the Variant Reference Cards from the Eldritch Horror FAQ (this can be enabled via an option in the Preferences dialog).
  • Fix a bug with "gain an Asset" helper functions retrieving Assets non-randomly from the discard pile.
  • Fix a bug with focus tokens and improvement tokens not reporting when they were gained and discarded.

Version 1.7

  • Add the Strange Remnants expansion.
  • Fix the text on the Banishment spell.

Version 1.6

  • Add the Mountains of Madness expansion.
  • Add a button for spawning the starting Gates and Clues, and a couple of other minor improvements.

Version 1.5

  • Add thumbnails on the main map for ongoing Mythos cards.

Version 1.4

  • Add right-click commands to Gates, map locations, and Clues which draw an Encounter card of the appropriate type.
  • Add thumbnails for Ancient One sheet and current Mystery card at the bottom right of the game board.
  • Discarding an Encounter or Mythos card now brings the main map window to front. (This can be disabled in the Preferences dialog if it annoys you.)
  • Another round of miscellaneous minor improvements.

Version 1.3

  • Add an option in the Preferences dialog which affects the number of Gates spawned by yellow Mythos cards, in an attempt to make the game's difficulty more consistent across different numbers of players.
  • A few other minor improvements.

Version 1.2

  • Add workaround for Vassal bug which prevented the Gate stack from automatically repopulating when empty.
  • When an investigator token is clicked, the corresponding Player Area window (if open) is brought to the front. (This can be disabled in the Preferences dialog if it annoys you.)
  • A Monster token can now be flipped over by any player, not just the player who spawned it.
  • Numerous other minor improvements.

Version 1.1

  • Internal changes to reduce memory requirements.
  • A few minor improvements, mostly cosmetic.

Version 1.0

  • Initial release.

Screen Shots