Module:Elo Darkness

From Vassal
Publisher Reggie Games Era Fantasy
Year 2018 Topic Fighting
Players 1 to 2 Scale Strategic
Length Short


Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility
Elo_Darkness_2.0.vmod 56.32 MB 2020-10-20 3.4.6
EloDarkness.vmod 56.32 MB 2019-08-09 3.2.17

Module Information

Maintainer gattsu


ELO Darkness is a complete customizable card game in which two players (or four in the team vs. team mode) fight against each other in an epic MOBA-inspired arena.

This module is uploaded has the permission by Reggie Games

Version 2.0 Redone the Action Card selection. Focused more on Solo Play.

Version 1.0 This is the first draft of a Vassal module for the MOBA Game "Elo Darkness" (with kind permission from Reggie Games). It seems to function pretty well and was designed mainly for solitaire play. However I'm new to module design, so if you have any tips for improving it, or want to edit it yourself to improve it, please go ahead!

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