Module:Empire of the Rising Sun

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Publisher Avalon Hill Era WWII
Year 1995 Topic Pacific Theater
Players 2 to 6 Scale Strategic
Length Long for campaigns, 2-4 hours for scenarios

Files and Module Information

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Empire_of_the_Rising_Sun_v0.9.vmod Module 6.79 MB 2022-03-22 3.2.15 SteelDragon (RWeston)


Version 0.9 notes (RWeston) This module will allow you to play Avalon Hill's Empire of the Rising Sun. I have added some features to simplify game play.

1. Remember, most land, air, and naval units should be not be deleted when eliminated. Instead they should be sent to their applicable Force Pool. To make this faster, I have added a Send to Force Pool command to all units that can be rebuilt. This command will send the unit to the applicable Force Pool.

2. I have added a Change Inverted Status command to all air and naval units that when clicked will add/remove an Inverted indicator to/from the units. I have also added a Change Damaged Status command to all naval units that when clicked will add/remove a Damaged indicator to/from the units. I have added applicable Reset commands to the units that will allow you to select all units and reset the status indicators at the end of the battle.

3. To make it easier to break down air, naval, and strategic warfare units, I have added Split Off Strength commands to these units. This way, if only some of the unit is damaged or eliminated, it is easier to break it down without having to fiddle with the pieces.

4. Only the US player can see the US TFs and US CGs boards. Only the Japanese player can see the Japanese TFs and Japanese CGs boards.

5. I have added a Battle Board that both players can access. This board makes it easier to resolve battles. At the middle top is a Search/Surprise Level calculator for each round of naval combat. On the left side is a calculator used to determine the Base Surprise Level for when US units attack a base during a round of combat. On the right side is a calculator used to determine the Base Surprise Level for when Japanese units attack a base during a round of combat. Each of these have commands to change the Search/Surprise modifiers and to perform the applicable die rolls. The Search/Surprise levels will automatically be calculated. Below these are Battle Group displays. Next to each Battle Group are 2 indicators. One is used to indicate if that battle group is empty. located, or hidden. The other is used to indicate if that battle group is able to attack or not based on the applicable Search Level.

6. The Battle Board also has some markers used for game play. At the top left is a Magic Counters draw pile that only the US players can use to draw Magic Counters at the start of a turn. These Counters are initially hidden until the US players chooses to reveal them to modify a die roll. Only the Japanese player can click the Magic Counters label at the top and select the Return Magic Counters to the Draw Pile command. This allows the Japanese player to reset the Draw Pile at the end of a turn. On the bottom left and bottom right are Variants draw piles for the US and Japanese players. These can be used by the applicable player to draw their hidden variant marker(s) at the start of the campaign and then later reveal them at the correct moment. Once variants are drawn, there is no way to reset them. Finally, also at the bottom, are the Pearl Harbor Surprise Die Rolls markers. The US player can roll these at the start of the Campaign Game and the value rolled will be hidden until the US player chooses to reveal them to the Japanese player. Once the dice are rolled, there is no way to reroll them.

7. Strategic warfare counters can be hidden and revealed only by the applicable player.

8. The Tables button at the top will allow you to access all of the needed Air, Naval, Combat, SW, Reference, Resistance, and Sequence of Play tables.

9. Almost all commands and actions are logged so the players can double-check everything. When units are moved to/from the Task Force and Combat Groups displays, it only indicates that a unit was moved without indicating what the unit is or where it was placed. When units are transferred from the Combat Groups display to the Battle Groups display, it will show that the units are transferred into the correct corresponding group.

10. I have created markers to indicate how many carriers a Battle Group contains (if required by Search Level) and whether it is transporting Sea Supply.

11. I have create a game status marker with 3 editable lines. It can be used, for example, to announce all land-based air and naval mission during the applicable step of the sequence of play. The 1st line can designate which hex the unit(s) started in, the 2nd line can designate the target hex, and the 3rd line can designate the mission type.

I hope everyone enjoys the module. If anyone has any suggestions or if looking for a game of Empire of the Rising Sun, then let me know.

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