Module:Europe Engulfed

From Vassal
Publisher GMT Games Era WWII
Year 2003 Topic European Theater
Players 2 to 3 Scale Strategic
Length Long


Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility
Europe_Engulfed_v3.2.0 Release.vmod Module 6.6 MB 2022-02-08 3.6.4
Europe_Engulfed_v3.1 Release.vmod Module 6.56 MB 2022-01-17 3.6.3
Europe Engulfed v3.0.1 Release.vmod Module 6.2 MB 2021-09-21 3.5.8
Europe Engulfed v3.0 Release.vmod Module 6.15 MB 2021-09-12 3.5.8
Europe_Engulfed_v2.0.vmod Module 52.6 MB 2020-07-25 3.4.9+
Europe Engulfed v1.7.vmod Module 2.98 MB xxxx-xx-xx 3.0+

Module Information

Maintainer Korval (v3.x)
Contributors GJK, countertroll, swampwallaby, Cantata, bennyb, dbcopeland, Korval


Version 3.2.0

  • Automate Russian Winter Effects and Reporting
    • This will look inside GROUPS located in Russia and apply damage
  • remove duplicated Deploy Belgium property that was causing it not gray out properly after reloading
  • change NP value of Russian Heavy Forts from 10 to 15 (net cost of field fort + heavy fort)
  • rebuild 41 scenarios
    • Delete leftover Polish unit in Brest-Litovsk in 1941 scenarios
  • Change Prototype-EliteAxis value from "Allied" to "Axis"
  • Fix Expert German INF-4s not reporting return to FP as part of 1942 deployment
  • Fix Expert USA ARM-4s not returning to FP (or reporting) as part of 1944 deployment

Version 3.1.0

  • Implemented new die roller features
    • Display total # of hits (single = 6, double = 5,6, triple = 4,5,6, quad = 3,4,5,6)
    • Display raw rolls in order
    • remove ability of players to change die sides, adds - leave only ability to set # of dice to roll
  • Check ability of closed maps to accept GHK
    • This fixes the problem of the NP update not working when these maps are closed
  • Implement ability to gray out toolbar buttons when not allowed or already used (if single use)
    • Various Nation Force Pool Toolbar Buttons (e.g., Italy Surrender); Deploy Neutrals; Deploy Annual Force Pool Adds; Optionals & Variants
  • Added automatic trigger of Force Pool additions when turn advances to Jan-Feb of new year
  • Builds - Italy/USA/Russia - Added visual flag and check to ensure Fleets Maintenance is not deducted while at PEACE

Version 3.0.1

  • Bug Fix - Fixed British Available WERP Calculation
  • KNOWN ISSUE - some automation (BUILD - Reset Turn, New Year; NP Track - auto-update) does not work if that map is not open
    • Added "Manual" dropdown to expose previously hidden buttons, if automation breaks (Main Map, Build Map)

Version 3.0 - Requires VASSAL Version 3.5.8 or later!

  • This is a branch of version 1.7 and doesn't include the text overlays of v2.0
  • Dedicated Force Pools (FP) for each major comabtant and Axis Minors. Axis Minor FP, shows status of each Axis minor (neutral, Axis Minor, etc.)
  • All fixed inventory units are predefined and clone/delete is disabled. Accordingly, the full piece palette is not available during the game (it is available in the editor) and only a limited piece palette of unlimited markers is available in game.
  • Automated (i.e., button push) deployment of Neutrals
  • Automated deployment of New Year (e.g., 1941) Force Pool adds/deletes
  • Automated deployment of Axis Minors, Vichy, and Free French
  • Implemented counters for Info track (e.g., U-boats), Nation Economics, & Fleet Maintenance
  • Added Turn counter to track Player-Month-Year.
  • Automated weather calculation and weather marker placement (auto update when turn advances)
  • Added 8 GROUPS (A-H) Maps for handling large groups. Each group includes a Group block to put on the main map, which can be cycled (only in it's home map) to indicate the owning nation. Group block will indicate # of blocks in the map. Group Map will show # of INF/ARM blocks and factors (if not hidden).
  • Automated France/Italy surrenders
  • Automated tracking of Industrial Production Level, including correctly accounting for garrison requirement. Will not correctly identify isolation or contested and unconquered Neutrals.
  • Automated tracking of Production WERP spends for builds from Force Pools and Step Increases. Maintains a single running total, but will automatically clear when selecting a new nation's production.
  • Added a variety of Inventory options to survey unit locations
  • Added offical optional rules implementation – 6th German SA; Expert Force Pool changes; France Fights On (For implementation simplicity these deploy to the USA FP); Patton's Fantasy scenario prerequisites
  • Map fixes for Scottish Highlands, Southern Iraq, Bucharest, Bohemia.
  • Implemented Zones for the Info track so numbers will register
  • Implemented additional die roll buttons
  • Automated check for Russian up-front (official) & 2-deep front (variant), doesn't check GSUs
  • Added a few non-official "variants" – just for fun and experimentation
  • Added National Power (NP) Map that measures forces by total WERP value. Added a NP Track Map to track NP during a game, which includes buttons for both manual snapshot and toggle automatic measurement. A "Save Text" button allows saving to a file for offline spreadsheet analysis.

Version 2.0

  • This is a branch of version 1.7
  • Adds text overlays to map
  • Map fixes

Rick Young and Jesse Evans' WWII Masterpiece.

1.7 version of module is also available here

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