Module:Fatal Alliances III Dreadnoughts in Flames

From Vassal
Publisher Compass Games Era WWI
Year 2016 Topic Wargame
Players 2 to 2 Scale Strategic
Length 1000


Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility
FADIF-V5.vmod 2023 Updated Module 83.81 MB 2023-04-01 3.2.17
Fatal Alliances rules Dreadnoughts in Flames V3.4.pdf 2023 Updated Rules 2.71 MB 2023-03-26
Table CRT v6.png 2*D10 CRT and Surprise 252 KB 2023-04-01
Play Book v2.pdf 2023 Play Book 1.8 MB 2023-04-01
NAV_TABLE_V7.pdf 2023 Play Book 178 KB 2023-04-01

Module Information

Maintainer Mark Hodgkinson


Version 3.2 Rules: Small change to station raids making them more risky. Version 3.4 Rules: world events toned down to make keep that map active with a raider appearing now and then and a need for the CW and Fr to have units there. 1916 will be hardest, as older ships go in for refit and the USN will not as yet be available.

The Module has been checked and again tested with play (April 2023). The rules have been cleaned up and incorporated into the FA rules. Dreadnought in Flames are in Blue Text, FA Rules not used are in Red Text. The Battle Board and CRT are cleaned up. A Play Book with the OOB and discussion on the DriF rules is also provided. We still need more play testing.

Play tests (3 so far) have indicated that, • There are less pass options as there is more to do at sea. • DriF causes about a 10%± 5% reduction in BP's due to increased home front Morale to both the CW and the Germans. o This can reduced by; o Better German timing and OOB in anti-Blockade moves o Better CW Naval deployment. I have added a rule set call light uses the normal Naval combat CRT

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