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Publisher Task Force Games Era Future
Year 1981 Topic Science Fiction
Players 2 to 8 Scale Strategic
Length Short to Long Series Star Trek


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Federation Space.vmod Module 10.43 MB 2012-05-05 3.1

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Maintainer Craig68x
Contributors Craig68x


This game was originally produced by Task Force Games back in 1981. It was, by all accounts, a snapshot of what eventually became Federation and Empire nearly five years later. I personally prefer this version since I don't work for NASA.

Version 3.5 is here.

Update: 5/5/12: The screenshots are now adjusted to reflect a cleaner version of the original map board. Many thanks to Eric P. for supplying a better copy.

Update: 4/19/12 Federation Space is getting a complete make-over, redo, change, face-lift, etc. A fellow BGG member has allotted me with some revised material for Federation Space to help balance the game it so badly needs. Thanks, Byron!

The help file has been updated as well.

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