Module:Fire in the East

From Vassal
Publisher Game Designers Workshop Era WWII
Year 1984 Topic Eastern Front
Players 1 to 2 Scale Operational
Length Long Series Europa Series


Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility
Fire_in_the_East_v3.51.vmod Module 40.57 MB 2021-01-07 3.4.12
Fire_in_the_East_v3.20.vmod Module 47.86 MB 2020-01-03 3.4.12
Game Rules, Order of Battle, Errata.pdf Game Rules 18.91 MB 2020-11-28 PDF
Instructions on playing the Computer FITE.pdf Vassal Game Rules 933 KB 2020-11-28 PDF
Fire in the East v0.7.vmod Module 16.51 MB 2011-03-07 unknown

Module Information

Maintainer Jim M v3.51
Contributors Jim M v3.51
Maintainer bennyb
Contributors bennyb


[When you run the game, remember to go to Preferences under File and set JLM initial heap to 512MB and max. to 2048MB so you will not get "out of memory" errors. This is a program needs lots of memory.]

For Fire in the East v0.7, you can get its latest version here.

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  • David G
  • Jim M