Module:Fortress Berlin

From Vassal
Publisher Against The Odds Era WWII
Year 2004 Topic Eastern Front
Players 1 to 2 Scale Operational
Length Long


Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility
FortressBerlin_5.vmod Module 5.01 MB unknown unknown
OTB_Setup.vsav "OTB" Setup v2.0 ONLY! 19 KB unknown unknown
FB Readme.txt Information and Change History Log 4 KB unknown unknown

Module Information

Maintainer unknown
Contributors GJK, MiracleMike


See the "Readme.txt" file for more information.

See ATOMagazine for more information about the game.

Map Graphics © 2005 Craig Grando

Used by permission of Craig Grando.

I have a setup.log file that I'm creating that will have all the units at or near their entry area's, including the variants. I'll upload that as soon as it is ready.

I have a version 1.1 update file that I'll be uploading as well. So far, I've noticed one unit that was omitted from the module. I'll know if there are any others once I've completed the setup.

Version/Commpatability issue: As of 1/17/08 the current version of the module (3) is not compatible with the current version of Vassal (3.x). You need to run Vassal 2.9 to use this module.

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