Module:Four Battles of Army Group South

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Publisher Simulations Publications, Inc. Era WWII
Year 1979 Topic Eastern Front
Players 1 to 2 Scale Operational
Length Medium Series Panzergruppe Guderian System


Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility
AGS Kiev (SPI) v1.4.vmod Module 5.53 MB 2021-02-27 3.2.17
AGS Korsun (SPI) v1.vmod Module 5.37 MB 2021-02-27 3.2.17
AGS OpStar_v101.vmod Module 15.99 MB 2021-02-27 3.2.17
AGS Rostov (SPI) v1.11.vmod Module 5.23 MB 2021-02-27 3.2.17

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A continuation of the series started with the legendary Panzergruppe Guderian, Army Group South takes the East Front conflict towards the Caucasus and the Black Sea, with four key battles in this sector of the German campaign in Russia.

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