Module:From One War To Another

From Vassal
Publisher Web Era Between Wars
Year 2011 Topic Politics
Players 2 to 6 Scale Strategic
Length 240


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FOWTA 0.1.vmod module 30.18 MB 2011-12-31 3.1

Module Information

Maintainer Cyril Jarnot


Churchill said, the war of the giants has ended, the war of the pygmies has begun. Plenty of conflicts arise among newly born states with their territorial claims. Empires have collapsed, the Russian Civil war is raging, Democracy seems to be ruling in Europe but fascism is awakening. Which ideology will emerge as the winner of this political struggle ?

I have designed a political game for 2 to 6 players and covering the inter-wars era. It starts when WWI ends and lasts until 1934, before all events leading to WWII begin chaining.

6 parties (split into 3 ideologies) struggle for political victory - democrats: left- and right-wing - dictatorships : fascism and nazism - communists : revolutionnaries (Trotsky style) and bureaucrats (Staline) Every trick is good to put your leaders (about 265 In total) at the head of the 25 countries in the game scope : - militias - labor unions - forbid opposition parties - arrest leaders - lead strikes, reforms or repressions - inflation - reorganize party hierarchy - elections - coup - rancor from post-war treaties - military prestige - etc.... The Great Depression will add a little bit more of chaos in the last turns.

Content: - 550 counters - 2 D10 - 1 Map

Looking for playtesters and rule checkers, editors

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