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Gloomholdin Box.jpg
Publisher Web Era Fantasy
Year 2021 Topic Adventure
Players 1 to 1 Scale Strategic
Length 60


Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility
Gloomholdin_1.0.vmod module 14.69 MB 2021-06-25 3.5.7

Module Information

Maintainer gattsu


Gloomholdin' is an 18-card, no-table-needed version of Gloomhaven. It can be played completely in your hand, but I provide a way to play it on-table as well.

REGARDING SPOILERS: If you haven't played Gloomhaven, you won't be spoiled on much with Gloomholdin'. You'll see the the names and art for a number of monsters and items from Gloomhaven, but that's about it. Gloomholdin' has its own plot line, so you won't be spoiled on any of Gloomhaven's campaign details.

Version 1.0 This is the first version of a Vassal module for the Game "Gloomholdin". There is lot of hidden functionality so please read the quick start guide for more information.


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