Module:Hitler's Reich

From Vassal
Hitlers Reich Cover.jpg
Publisher GMT Games Era WWII
Year 2018 Topic European Theater
Players 1 to 2 Scale Strategic
Length 120


Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility
Hitlers_Reich_1.4.vmod module 9.49 MB 2018-11-19 3.2.17
Hitlers_Reich_1.3.vmod module 9.48 MB 2018-07-27 3.2.17
Hitlers_Reich_1.2.vmod module 9.5 MB 2018-07-11 3.2.17
Hitlers_Reich_1.1a.vmod module 9.21 MB 2018-06-27 3.2.17
Hitlers_Reich_1.0.vmod module 9.21 MB 2018-06-13 3.2.17

Module Information

Maintainer Matthias Jahr
Contributors Matthias Jahr


- Setup is automated. After starting up the game go to the Setup screen (Toolbar button) and use the "Setup Full Game 1941" or "Setup Short Game 1944" buttons. The cards for each side will be dealt per the rules for the specific scenario.

- Most of the modules operations can be accessed via the right click menu on the cards and pieces. To ensure the proper operation of the die/value calculations please always use the right click menu to send cards around.

- The Saboteurs special ability is implemented in the module. So if one side plays the saboteur, the highest Value Conflict Card of the other side will be set to 1 for the value calculation.

- To make play more transparent, I've refrained from adding extra 'out of play', 'box top' or 'waiting period' places or decks. To mark any of these please use the 'Toggle Availability' menu item together with the Event Array:

  • Recycleable card in EAmaU => "placed in box top"
  • Returnable card in EAmaU => "just used, waiting period"
  • Removable card in EAmaU => "out of play"

(EAmaU, short for 'Event Array marked as Unavailable')

As per GMT Games policy, the Bot flowcharts for solo play are not included in this module.

If there are problems with the module or if there are functions you would like to see, don't hesitate to send a message, either via email or on BGG.



  • Fixed : the button in the axis Events Array now correctly sends the cards to the Bot hand (thanks Ben)


  • Fixed : discarding a played conflict card now correctly substracts the cards value from the counter. (thanks Bruce)
  • Updated : visual player aid to current version (thanks David)


  • Fixed : Cards marked Unavailable are now visible to the opponent (thanks Lee)
  • Added : Conflict Card draw decks now show how many cards are left in the deck (thanks David)
  • Added : David's excellent visual player aid is now in the Player Aids menu. (thanks David for letting me use it, original BGG file download

1.1 1.1a

  • Removed forgotten debug entries in Conflict Cards right click menu (thanks David)


  • Fixed random discard for Axis Hand and Bot Hand (thanks Jeremy)
  • Added reports when a random card is discarded
  • Removed unnecessary debug texts

Screen Shots