Module:Hitler's War

From Vassal
Publisher Avalon Hill Era WWII
Year 1981 Topic Global War
Players 2 to 3 Scale Strategic
Length Long


Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility
HitlersWarV1.vmod Module 4.97 MB 2011-06-04 Vassal 3.1.13
HitlersGlobalWarV04.vmod Module 9.77 MB 2010-09-09 Vassal 3.1.13
HitlersGlobalWarV02.vmod Module 7.04 MB unknown unknown
FallOfGermany.vsav Fall of Germany Scenario 7 KB unknown HitlersGlobalWar
CampaignGameI.vsav Campaign Game I Scenario 6 KB unknown HitlersGlobalWar
CampaignGameII.vsav Campaign Game II Scenario 7 KB unknown HitlersGlobalWar
CampaignGameIII.vsav Campaign Game III Scenario 12 KB unknown HitlersGlobalWar
CampaignGameIV.vsav Campaign Game IV Scenario 19 KB unknown HitlersGlobalWar
Guadalcanal.vsav Guadalcanal learning scenario 5 KB unknown HitlersGlobalWar
Barbarossa.vsav Barbarossa Scenario 6 KB unknown HitlersGlobalWar
HitlersGlobalWarSetup_V1.2.pdf Hitler's Global War Set-up v1.2 2.38 MB unknown HitlersGlobalWar
HitlersGlobalWar_V1.2.pdf Rules v1.2 3.62 MB unknown HitlersGlobalWar
HitlersGlobalWar_V1.3.pdf Rules v1.3 3.63 MB 2010-03-28 HitlersGlobalWawV04.mod
HitlersGlobalWar_V1.4b.pdf Rules v1.4 1.44 MB 2018-09-06 HitlersGlobalWawV04.mod

Module Information

Maintainer Hagar
Contributors GJK, Hagar


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Hitler's War module developed by Hagar & GJK

For Hitler's Global War, send questions, comments, suggestions to

The Draw Leaders display for Campaign Game III is currently under construction, and will take some time to fix. However, the Draw Leaders display will work if setting up a new game or playing Campaign Game IV with the v0.2 module.

See the rules for the Guadalcanal scenario in the above ConsimWorld forum.

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