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IR II Box Cover.jpg
Publisher West End Games Era Ancient
Year 1985 Topic The Roman Empire
Players 1 to 6 Scale Strategic
Length 240 min

Files and Module Information

Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility Developer Other Contributors
IMPERIVM_ROMANVM_II_3dot4.vmod Module 31.9 MB 2024-03-02 3.7.9 clanmacrae9 Stefano Cuccurullo


For your enjoyment, West End Games - IMPERIVM ROMANVM II (1985).

If you play and create a saved game file for a setup of any of the scenarios, please e-mail me at and I will add it to the scenario list within the module.

  • IMPORTANT NOTEabout the scenarios: Some of the features added in the newer versions of the module are not backwards compatible with older versions. (I am referring to IR II vassal module versions...not Vassal system versions here) Most of the issues center around the text labels and numerical counters used on the Power Forms and Mobilization Forms. As an interim fix, instead of replotting the pre-existing scenarios, blank and editable text labels and generic numeric counters of two sizes are available to permit players to use anywhere on the forms or map as desired. Note that refreshing the counters will erase the Province labels (but mysteriously, not any of the other labels).

    • Video demonstrations (These demonstrate using the 2.x versions, but still generally apply on how to use the module)
    • See an introductory video for setting up the Power Forms and Mobilization Forms
    • See an introductory video tutorial video tutorial for using the Power Forms and Mobilization Forms during the Taxation and Mobilization Phase of IRII
    • See an introductory video tutorial for using the Combat Points Calculator, Combat Ratio Tool and Stacking Points Calculator of IRII
    • See an introductory video tutorial for using the Random Events Table
    • See an introductory video tutorial for combat and the Land Combat Results Table

    • Version 3.4
      • Adds Scenario 12 Phillipus Arabs vs Decius (submitted by Stephano)
    • Version 3.3
      • Adds two more scenarios: (submitted by Gianfranco)
        • 11. The Senate vs Maximus Thrax
        • 14. The Crisis of the Third Century
    • Version 3.2
      • Includes several of the early scenarios and several of the late scenarios (Albeit in various states of completion). All of the counters should be in place and the Power Forms filled out. Some of the Mobilization Forms may need a little additional work.
    • Version 3.0
      • Improved the function of the Power Boards, added and improved some of the editable fields.
      • Improved the function and look of the Mobilization forms. Added some missing provinces, improved the calculations and editable fields.
      • COMPATABILITY - The reason for the jump to the 3.x series is that there were some significant changes to the Power and Mobilization boards, per above that render any old 2.x .vsav versions dubious if upgraded to 3.0. That said if you have a 2.x version and are willing to deal with the annoyances of some of the graphics changes and the lack of support, one could probably work through it. I recommend, submitting to the future however, and just starting fresh from the 3.0 version.
      • Instead of including the first few scenarios, I decided to include the last few scenarios (29-33) to mix it up. Please see the note above about sending me your vsav scenario builds so I can add them to future 3.x version.
    • Version 2.6
      • Interactive Inactive Powers Table. Displays results for civilized and barbarian powers based on the inactive power modifications and dedicated die roll.
      • Automated Siege Attrition Counters. Automatically counts each month that a city is under siege. ***Must be Zeroized before placing on map. (Counters can display any of the faction colors.
      • New generic Stack Counters can display any of the faction colors.
      • Reorganized Menu Bar
      • Fixed jumbled Random Events Counter
      • De-conflicted several hotkeys
    • Version 2.5
      • Interactive Land Combat Results Table. Displays results based on selected modifiers using the dedicated combat die.
      • Interactive Navel Combat Results Table. Displays results based on selected modifiers using the dedicated combat die.
      • Interactive Random Events Table. Displays results based on selected Period and number of Major Powers and dedicated RET die. Random Event result displayed via right click.
      • Corn rebellion automated. Calculates total corn owned by the Imperial Capital. Corn rebellion automatically determined during each diplomacy phase.
      • April and November seasons automatically calculated each diplomacy phase.
      • Menu label visual aid created to sit above menu images identifying each menu item's purpose. Does not increase menu bar size or take away from map size.
      • Dedicated Combat Result die (Green)
      • Dedicated Random Events Table (RET) die
      • Reorganized menu bar
      • Mouse icons added (Some appeared on previous version) to indicate which counters on the map and tables are selectable.
    • Version 2.4
      • All new functions for 2.4 are included in 2.5 above. 2.4 contained an unusable Random Events Table, hence the swift replacement by 2.5.
    • Version 2.3
      • Combat Stack Calculator - Calculates the Combat Points values for the attacking and defending stacks. Separate Heavy Infantry stack counter for naval battles
      • Combat modifier counters automatically modify the attacker or defender stack values for siege, across water and city/port/fort combat point values.
      • Combat Ratio Calculator - Easily confirms the highest combat ratio based on your combat stack calculations
      • Stacking Calculator - Calculates the total stacking points of a stack placed on the calculator
      • Scenario name counter displays the current scenario on the game map
      • Quintus Labienus and Macer added to the power forms
    • Version 2.2
      • Improved mobilization board
      • Board rebuilt with a light blue background design
      • Improved purchase system eliminates the December/September/June (DSJ) counters for purchasing units
      • All purchases are automatically calculated for the correct turn and month.
      • All turn 1 purchases at 1X cost of units regardless of the month
      • All subsequent turns automatically calculate the 2X penalty for purchases during those month's Taxation & Mobilization phase
      • Fortresses spending corrected to no 2X penalty during DSJ
      • Purchases for provinces that are not part of a Mobilization Area corrected to no cost
      • Current month label added
      • Labels added for Period and Scenario
      • Mask option added to units and leaders (Opponents may still peek, however, a report indicates if any peeking occurs)
      • Added Control, Client State, In Training and Build Fleet markers to the pieces tray
      • Added labels to the main map for the number of players per the scenario, and a label instructing players to use the appropriate Phase Counter per the number of major powers in the scenario
    • Version 2.1
      • Fixed Fortification Level limits problem - Fortifications now represent maximum levels allowed per physical board game
      • Added Cisalpina to the Mobilization Areas
    • Version 2.0
      • Version 2.0 represents a significant upgrade in terms of automation and bookkeeping aids. Version 2.0 will manage almost every aspect of your major power's accounting. The Mobilization Form is admittedly a busy product but once players get used to its functions, the tedious manual bookkeeping will be a thing of the past. This version transfers your major power's treasury level to the Mobilization form. Players will select units to purchase by manipulating numerical counters that will be subtracted from the total Treasury Level, keeping players aware of all times of their spending amounts. Additionally, the counter limits are now possible due to a new pieces tray that stacks and counts your remaining available units by color. Finally, map overlays that allow players to quickly view the cultivation and road status for any hex have been added. Listed below are the specific upgrades for this version. Enjoy.
      • Enhanced Mobilization Forms
      • Calculates mobilization purchases
      • Shares Treasury Level with Power Form
      • Calculates Fortification and Baggage units
      • Icons to identify units available for each Mobilization Area
      • Phase Counters
      • Phase Counters available for 2,3,4,5 and 6 player options (So players wont have to click through players that aren't there)
      • Tracks each phase of the game
      • Automatically moves Month and Phase counters on map
      • Year calculator displays actual year and BC/AD. Automatically tracks through Phase Counter
      • Phase Flowchart maps the turn sequence
      • Period Map overlays - Display the Cultivation/Road status in a map overlay that can be viewed at anytime
      • Corrected missing pieces
      • Corrected missing names
      • Corrected Mobilization Area names
      • Counter Manifest board
      • Correctly limits units to the physical game numbers (Fortification levels are not automatically limited. Players must still keep track of the fortification maximum level any way they see fit. Possible future enhancement)
      • The number of units remaining identified by automatic numeric counter
      • Cheesy plastic tray lid simulator for pieces tray. Mimics the original plastic tray box.
    • Version 1.4
      • Enhanced gamemap will hurt your eyes no more ;)
      • Deleted unneccessary files and decreased gamemap size for smaller module size and better performance
      • Enhanced zoom with hotkeys F1 and F2
    • Version 1.3
      • Corrected hex numbering error
      • Fixed mask/movement conflict
      • Added Sketch Map to charts
      • Added players 5&6 sides
      • Reduced size of menu icons
      • Reduced size of the X100 counter
      • Tidied up the numerical counter rows on the Power Forms
      • Replaced Faction Type labels
      • Added generic numerical counters
      • Updated all preiously included scenarios
      • Added scenario 2. The Great Mithradatic War
      • Added scenario 3. The Crisis of the First Triumvirate
    • Version 1.2
      • Added hex numbering for East and West Maps
      • Added Brown 20-8, 10-8
      • Clone option for units
      • Fixed increase/decrease level order for forts
      • Added 2 more Mobility Forms for a total of 6
      • Corrected spelling of Attila label
      • Added Mask Capability to units
      • Added Yellow color label
      • Added Iazygia and Sarmatia province labels
      • Added moved capability to units and leaders
      • Added blank label for text
      • Increased max values for power form tax and morale counters
      • Added Scenario: I1. The Gallic Revolt
      • Added Scenario: I2 The Conquest of Dacia
    • Version 1.1
      • Added Control counters for each color
      • Replaced map
      • Added Pharnaces Tan leader
      • Added Tyras Province label
      • Added Gaellaecia Province label
      • Added Brown 20-9
      • Added Scenario 1. Marius vs. Sulla
    • Version 1.0

If you load the most recent version of this module, it will throw an Out Of Memory error.
In order to fix that, you need to find the Vassal preferences folder which can be found here:
Then you need to go to folder called "prefs"
There you will find a file called:
IMPERIVM_20_ROMANVM_20_II Open it with an editor and change the parameter from maximumHeap=512 to maximumHeap=1024
Save the file, then re-open the module.

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