From Vassal
Publisher GMT Games Era Medieval
Year 2011 Topic The Crusades
Players 1 to 2 Scale Tactical
Length 120 min Series Men of Iron Series

Files and Module Information

Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility Developer Other Contributors
3.03 for Men of Iron Tri-Pack
Infidel Antioch 3.03.vmod Module 3.32 MB 2023-03-25 3.6.7+ revnye zhodani
3.02 for Men of Iron Tri-Pack
Infidel Arsuf v3.02.vmod Module 2.32 MB 2021-12-21 3.6.2+ revnye
Infidel Dorylaeum v3.02.vmod Module 1.95 MB 2021-12-21 3.6.2+ revnye
Infidel Harran v3.02.vmod Module 1.32 MB 2021-12-21 3.6.2+ revnye
3.0 for Men of Iron Tri-Pack
Infidel Ascalon v3.0.vmod Module 2.65 MB 2020-05-26 3.2.17+ revnye
Infidel Montgisard v3.0.vmod Module 1.36 MB 2020-05-26 3.2.17+ revnye
Infidel_Antioch_2.01.vmod Module 7.67 MB 2014-10-27 3.2.13+ zhodani
Harran.vmod Module 3.51 MB 2014-12-23 3.2.13+ revnye
Ascalon_v1.1.vmod Module 1.17 MB 2015-04-28 3.2.15+ revnye
Antioch.vmod Module 5.51 MB 2011-07-29 3.2.15+ revnye
Arsuf.vmod Module 5.35 MB 2011-07-29 3.2.15+ revnye
Dorylaeum.vmod Module 9.2 MB 2011-07-29 3.2.15+ revnye
Montgisard.vmod Module 3.59 MB 2011-07-29 3.2.15+ revnye


3.0 Modules for Men of Iron Tri-Pack

2.01 Minor tweak to Antioch. I realized the counters where getting hung up on hex vertex and sides etc. Fixed so counters would snap to center of hex only.

2.0 Infidel Antioch 2.0 version is basically a face lift for the counters and tool bar. As I play each module I will give each one a makeover. Thanks goes out to Ralph for giving me the okay to do so. I also had permission to post the charts so they are now part of the module.

1.2 Harran.vmod - fixed incorrect command stripe color on Cappadocian Medium Cavalry, updates with errata counters included in Blood & Roses.

1.1 Ascalon_v1.1.vmod - added zoom to Flight Point Track and replaced with corrected image. Condensed image sizes to shrink vassal module size.

1.0 Initial release

Screen Shots


  • Rick Galli
  • xrubio
  • Anthony Nunziata