From Vassal
Publisher Web Era WWII
Year 2004 Topic Mediterranean Front
Players 2 to 2 Scale Strategic


Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility
Italia_v1.3.vmod‎ Module 22.31 MB 2022-10-18 3.65
ItaliaGame 01.vmod Module 31.39 MB 2010-07-31 3.1.14

Module Information

Maintainer cgmclellan, Davey Jones
Contributors cgmclellan, Davey Jones, Stephen Oliver


Italia v1.3: Reduces module size to 22 MB, adds grid coordinates on mouse-over, moves some Advanced Game markers to Tray. Allowed pieces to be placed on Turn Record Track
Italia v1.0: Game by Tom Oleson with graphics by Mark Simonitch. Scenarios for Advanced Game, Basic Game, and Sicily Scenario
Set-up hex sides and hex lines may be turned-off by clicking View and the clicking Hex Sides and/or Hex Lines as shown in images below.

Screen Shots