Module:Iwanna's Theme Park

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Publisher Web Era Modern
Year 2015 Topic abstract
Players 1 to 1 Scale strategic
Length 45-70 Minutes


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Iwanna's Theme Park.vmod Module 34.57 MB 2015-08-28 3.2.15

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You are a super parent who promised your child the best vacation ever at Iwanna’s Theme Park. You’ve read the guides, and heard about how stressful it is for some parents, especially with that top of the hour marketing blitz, but you have a plan and are good at reacting to situations, so you aren’t worried about losing your mind on this vacation. All you have to do is make it back to the main entrance with your child comfortable and satisfied before the park closes, and you’ll win the game.

Designed for the 2015 Solitaire Print and Play contest, Iwanna's Theme Park uses a Mancala style mechanic to deal with potential disasters on your vacation. Cubes of multiple colors move around a Mancala styled "Brain Board," tracking potential problems with crowds, hunger and bathroom needs, and your child's craving for a special souvenir. Grouping too many cubes of the same color create a potential for disaster. The player will have to plan ahead, and deposit the right cubes at the right times to prevent the vacation from getting out of control.

Iwanna's Theme Park can be played solitaire. Note that the rules are in the Module!!!

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