Module:Land and Freedom: The Spanish Revolution and Civil War

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Publisher Blue Panther Era Between Wars
Year 2023 Topic Spanish Civil War
Players 1 to 3 Scale Strategic
Length 150


Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility
Land-And-Freedom-0.55.vmod module 22.52 MB 2023-04-26 3.6.17
Land-And-Freedom-0.54.vmod module 22.52 MB 2023-03-08 3.6.14
Land-And-Freedom-0.53.vmod module 22.49 MB 2023-02-15 3.6.11

Module Information

Maintainer Tim Porter
Contributors Tim Porter

Version 0.55 - Module has been updated to include the updated player mats (in the Player Mats window). These mats have revised/improved wording.

Version 0.54 - Module has been updated to fix some typos and inconsistencies. The ability to roll a random number to aid playing with non-player factions has been added to the toolbar. Labels have been added to denote which decks etc are automatically shuffled; discard piles and cards removed from the game are not shuffled.

Version 0.53 - Initial release.

How to use this module

A Read Me PDF file on how to use the module is on the module Help menu. Below is a quick summary of information.

1) When starting a new game a menu is presented that removes specific card/s when using the non-player factions. When not using the non-player Anarchists or Moderates factions simply close that window using the "Close this window" button at the bottom of the menu window.

2) At the start of a new game the 5 Medallions are randomly and automatically dealt to the main map. The players just need to go to their respective card hand windows and draw their starting 5 cards.

3) The shuffled Year 1 deck of event cards is placed on the Current Year Deck on the main map.

4) The players just need to go to their respective card hand windows and draw their starting 5 cards using the buttons provided.

Game components

Playaids, reference cards, and the non-player mats are included in the Game charts and Playaids window. Game rules are not included but can be found online.

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