From Vassal
Publisher Avalon Hill Era WWII
Year 1971 Topic Air Combat
Players 2 to 2 Scale Strategic
Length Medium


Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility
Luftwaffe_8_1.vmod Module (Base Game) (HaraldFair) 5.44 MB 04-07-2021 3.5
Luft_EX_8_1_Tourn.vmdx Extension (Tournament Game) 3.52 MB 04-07-2021 3.5
Luft_EX_8_1_Adv.vmdx Extension (Advanced Game) 2.69 MB 04-07-2021 3.5
Luft_EX_8_1_Op_Custer.vmdx Extension (Operation Custer) 1.85 MB 04-07-2021 3.5
Av_Dice_Cht_Corrected.jpg Average Dice Table (corrected) 289 KB 04-12-2021 N/A
Std_Cmbt_Tbl.jpg Standard Combat Table (dice-less) 396 KB 04-12-2021 N/A
Luftwaffe_8_0.vmod Module (Base Game) (HaraldFair) 6.63 MB 02-13-2021 3.5
Luft_EX_8_0_Tournament.vmdx Extension (Tournament Game) 876 KB 02-13-2021 3.5
Luft_EX_8_0_Advanced.vmdx Extension (Advanced Game) 1.75 MB 02-13-2021 3.5
Luft_EX_8_0_Op_Custer.vmdx Extension (Operation Custer) 1.76 MB 02-13-2021 3.5
Luftwaffe_7B.vmod Module (Base Game) (HaraldFair) 4.66 MB 02-28-2020 3.2.17
Luft_EX_7B_Tournament_Game.vmdx Extension (Tournament Game) 873 KB 02-28-2020 3.2.17
Luft_EX_7B_Advanced_Game.vmdx Extension (Advanced Game) 1.75 MB 02-28-2020 3.2.17
Luft_EX_7B_Operation_Custer.vmdx Extension (Operation Custer) 1.76 MB 02-28-2020 3.2.17
Luftwaffe_6B.vmod Module (HaraldFair) 4.6 MB 02-23-2020 3.2.17
Luft_EX_6B_Tournament_Game.vmdx Extension (Tournament Game) 832 KB 02-23-2020 3.2.17
LFW20b01.vmod Module 2.69 MB unknown unknown Guide to Using Vassal Extensions 2 KB unknown unknown

Module Information

Maintainer Bill Thomson(wga), HaraldFair
Contributors wga, jw62, swampwallaby, tmccarron, HaraldFair


ATTENTION: This module is currently designed to require the activation of only one extension at a time or none at all. Having multiple extensions activated at the same time will cause problems.

8.1 -Implemented optional DICE-LESS air combat with the optional "Standard Combat Table" recommended in Vol.13 #1 of "The General Magazine". This chart completely removes the variability of the dice from air combat results while fully retaining the combat effects of different qualitative differences between aircraft types and states expressed as "E" levels. When using this chart, the only remaining dice rolls in the game will be for AA fire.

- The "Average Dice Table" has been removed so as not to overly confuse new players with three combat tables. The Average Dice Table has undergone significant corrections and will be made available separately. The initial implementation was found to have some deficiencies that needed improvement.

- Improved resolution and fidelity of the Order Of Battle cards in both the Tournament game extension and the Advanced game extension. Now players can actually read the group numbers of the units on the cards.

- Improved fidelity of the Ju88 aircraft counters to be consistent with the rest of the set.

- Fixed the medium bomber fuel management in Operation Custer. Medium bombers were not receiving global fuel decrements at turn changes.

- Fixed erroneous re-application of drop tanks to some German fighter units at turn changes.

8.0 -Created a new OPTIONAL "Average Dice Combat Table" which modifies the combat results table to reflect the "Average Dice" (2-3-3-4-4-5). The original combat chart is still included, but the new chart addresses a common criticism of Luftwaffe regarding overly random and volatile combat results and implements a commonly used solution, the "Average Dice". This table can be printed for use with the physical board game to negate the need for special dice (note: the original table doesn't accommodate the "Average Dice" rule perfectly even WITH special dice due to anti-aircraft rolls requiring a roll of "6" whereas the new table ameliorates all deficiencies.)

-Several playability issues have been addressed, including the prevention of automatic wiping of the Map Planner. Now the American player will not lose his entire operational plan if he forgets to snapshot it before the turn flips. The movement trails for formation markers will persist until the American player chooses to clean the map. Additionally, the "Mark Moved" for the map has been removed to prevent accidental wiping by the American player.

-Formation marker movement trails have been re-worked to improve legibility and appearance on the Map Planner.

-Several unit numbers on American aircraft have been moved slightly to preserve legibility at all zoom levels.

-Mouse hover zoom levels have been adjusted to improve legibility.

7.0b -Continued graphical improvements-improved droptank behavior-improved legibility-delivered "Advanced Game" and "Operation Custer" extensions -Updated "Tournament Game" extension

6.0b - Upgraded graphics - counters updated - map planner updated to reflect accurate flak locations, railroads, and Baltic sea approaches.

5.0b - Removed source of error in fuel calculation - updated turn counter to support advanced game extensions - ex 5.0b adds the Tournament Game capability

4.0b1 - Hotfix of bug related to unit IDs disappearing when unit counter flipped to represent half-strength.

3.0b1 - Added Automated fuel management. Simplified and modernized the user interface. Improved aircraft tags, preventing overlap. Improved unit legibility. Stripped out all components unnecessary to the Basic Game ruleset (with fuel managed per aircraft). Advanced and Tournament game components will be added as expansions based on demand.

2.0b1 - Luftwaffe is a game in which early era boardgamers cut their teeth; my today's standards, the Basic game it is an introductory game. Playtest version 2.0beta01 is ready for trials. An extension is under construction to enable the enhanced plane counter images provided by Tim McCarron. Quarter and campaign 'scenario' files with individual plane id and incorporating the common GENERAL published variants and alternate ariel combat chart. Looking for someone with GENERAL issue Vol 8 nbr 1; all other GENERAL articles converted to softcopy. Our goal is to generate interest for a PBEM tournament. Please submit all feedback on version 2.0b1 to ''. A WGA 2nd edition rulebook adding in variants, alternate VC and info from a host of LFW General articles is under construction. Game Information

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