Module:Machi Koro

From Vassal
Publisher IDW Games Era Modern
Year 2012 Topic City Building
Players 2 to 4 Scale Strategic
Length 30

Files and Module Information

Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility Developer Other Contributors
MachiKoro1.1.7.vmod module 148 KB 2015-04-05 3.2.15 AnonymousZC

Deluxe 1.0
MachiKoroDeluxe.1.0.2.vmod‎ module 30.63 MB 2016-09-01 3.2.16 Corwyn
MKrules.pdf Rule book 39.55 MB 2016-08-17 n/a Corwyn
GameNotes.txt Docs/Turn summary 13 KB 2016-08-17 n/a Corwyn


Machi Koro 1.1.7:
Basic version of Machi Koro, with basic images and no rules.
Under pieces button;

  • Starter cards
  • Coins
  • Landmarks (with reverse side)

All stacks of cards have 6 cards as per game contents.
Ability to view all players hands.

Machi Koro Deluxe 1.0: Implementation of Deluxe version, includes both expansions

  • Implements (by default) the '442' variant of the Marketplace:
  • 4 piles from cards w/ activation values 1-6,
  • 4 piles from cards w/ 7+, and
  • 2 piles from Uniques.

In 'Preferences', the first player in, can set options to disable either expansion, or use the standard Marketplace setup.

NOTE: As stated in 'GameNotes' file, before a player can start game, they -must- click on the 'coin' that is in their chosen hand color, in order to be dealt their initial cards.
As of v 1.0.1, the initial deal is automatic, when player first opens their hand

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