Module:Memoir '44

From Vassal
Publisher Days of Wonder Era WWII
Year 2004 Topic Global War
Players 2 to 8 Scale Mixed
Length Short Series Commands & Colors


Current Version

All Memoir '44 components are located inside the main module, this is all you need to play with someone. Scenarios are available in the extensions, they have been split up due to their filesize. The version 10 module is based on previous versions of this module, but the improvements made in each new version are not backwards compatible.

1. Scenarios do not show up in the New Game wizard as you are used to from other or previous modules. If you are in the New Game wizard and wish to load a scenario, cancel the dialog. Look under the File menu for the Scenario Chooser item. In there you can find all loaded scenarios.

2. Due to the large number of scenarios mistakes sometimes happen. If you notice any problem or error with a scenario, please report it to bdgza so it can be fixed.

IMPORTANT BUG: All the Supported Armor (and probably Supported Infantry) units set up on the map are functioning incorrectly. You should replace them with units from the Units window before you start play.

Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility
v10.14.2 --- all game components --- Base game scenarios
Memoir44vX-10.14.2.vmod Module 119.39 MB 2021-10-11 3.4.11+
v10.14 --- Official scenarios
M44vX-ScenariosOfficial-10.14.vmdx Extension 64.68 MB 2020-10-10 3.4.5+
v10.14 --- SFTF scenarios
M44vX-ScenariosFromTheFront-10.14.vmdx Extension 122.84 MB 2020-10-10 3.4.5+

Extension version numbers include an extra digit because they may be updated more frequently than the main module file. The final digit of the version number of individual extensions may differ from other extensions. You should not use extensions from previous module versions with this module.

MD5 Checksums

Verify your files downloaded correctly.

How to check MD5 on Win/Mac/Lin

Memoir44vX-10.14.2.vmod ................. = ebb190e256f01a4fef6dde1cd8755250

M44vX-ScenariosOfficial-10.14.vmdx ...... = 94099e6743b8c232de98671ca23851f5

M44vX-ScenariosFromTheFront-10.14.vmdx .. = f6ad6898d65d81ddbdc7752dd4eb9a11

Download Mirror

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Module Information

Maintainer bdgza
Contributors Bilben, Brummbar, chilinski, Jonny, bdgza, Kaiman

10.14.2: What is New?

  • Fixes custom Java code to remove deprecations. Removes the warning dialogs on launch.
  • 10.14.2 is scenario compatible with 10.14. You can keep using your existing 10.14 scenario module extensions with 10.14.2.
  • ! The bug with Supported Armor units (and probably Supported Infantry units) has not yet been fixed.

10.14: What is New?

  • Over 1100 included scenario setups
  • Added New Flight Plan and Air Combat deck
  • All scenarios rebuilt with fixes and updates from 10.13.1 with updated scenario tool
  • Fix a bug where online games would lose sync
  • Reducing the time it takes to tile images when first loading the module
  • Updated the custom Java code for compatibility with new VASSAL versions
  • Improved column sorting in scenario chooser
  • Add a new air rules picker to choose between no air rules, Air Pack or New Flight Plan
  • Added direct menu access to non-classified Official scenarios
  • Add compendium cards for Campaign Book Vol. 2 actions, air rules, SWAs 9, and NFP rules 1-3
  • Add commands to Air Sortie and Air Power cards to allow them to be removed from a game; Air Power automatically removed when picking New Flight Plan air rules
  • Fix OL Air Power card
  • Fixes to mine tokens
  • Scenario help adds more card rows by default
  • Added BT4XL1 board type for BL-XXL
  • Added smaller Beach Control axis/allies markers that can be used on the map
  • Added unit preset for Halftracks with 1 or 2 figures
  • Added map option to Hide/Show Air Units
  • Updated Air Pack tokens and units
  • Updated some toolbar icons
  • Other small fixes and improvements
  • Added campaign Dutch East indies
  • Added campaign 1st Colonial Division
  • Added campaign A First Stand: The Battle of the Admin Box Campaign

10.13.1: What is New?

  • Added new tiles for: Lake, Village, Village on Hill, Church on Mountain
  • Added new compendium card for Terrain ??: Church on Mountain
  • You only need to update if you need any of these new custom tiles.

10.13: What is New?

  • Added Jungle Combat card deck
  • Added Desert Combat card deck
  • Added a chart sheet with default actions for all combat card decks
  • Added Through Jungle and Desert series
  • Added new scenarios, now at 1000!
  • Added scenarios from the Dutch Open 2017, 2018, and Open de France 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 tournaments
  • Added Operation Crusader campaign and scenarios
  • Updated the scenario chooser with new resizable columns
  • Split the “Set” column into “Set” and “Tournament” in the scenario chooser. It is now easier to group by set or by tournament for scenarios
  • Removed the compendium panels and cards from all scenarios, can now use Zoom > Fit commands to only fit the playable board area
  • Compendium cards are now pre-generated for all scenarios and placed in a Help window, all scenarios now have applicable compendium cards
  • Added desert camouflage markers
  • Added spider markers
  • Changed camouflage so any unit from any side can be set to any camouflage marker type
  • New graphics for Sandbags, Hedgehogs, and Wire
  • New inactive medal spot markers
  • New command / card hand indicator style, which also includes optional combat deck type and cards
  • Captured medals now have a larger brighter border and a larger flag with multiple colors to select from
  • Added new tiles for Road Bend on River, Road on River, and Desert Railway
  • Added new nations to the scenario notes: South Africa, Philippines, Bulgaria
  • Added a new “hexmap” 3 to 6 player board, and single scenario by “Quit2”
  • Added player order indicator pieces (1st, 2d, 3d)
  • Added a scenario special rule token to replace the Air Power card with Artillery Bombard
  • Added a scenario special rule token to replace the Air Power card with Barrage
  • New tile based graphics for Wagon and Locomotive
  • Added combat markers to the Locomotive
  • Locomotive now uses figure counter to mark damage instead of damage tokens
  • Reorganized the Pieces tabs and panels, and the Units tabs
  • Moved all “hide layer” commands to a single toolbar submenu
  • Added a “show/hide obstacles” toolbar command
  • Fixed reported and discovered scenario setup errors
  • Fixed the card backs of BT1 deck cards on multi BT deck scenarios
  • Renamed Late War SWAs as (SWAs x - xxx - Late War) in scenario notes
  • Replaced all mine tokens in all scenarios
  • Added new mine tokens from the Through Jungle and Desert expansion
  • Reset player command values in all scenarios
  • Merged the “Reverse Units” extension into the main module, this extension should no longer be used
  • Other fixes and improvements


Days of Wonder's "Memoir '44"

The module contains content from all Memoir '44 products. If you do not own a certain expansion, ignore the content from that expansion in the module.

Game Etiquette

If you choose the scenario offer to let your opponent choose the side he wishes to play.

When deciding on a card, place it in the center of the board. The other player then moves the card to the discard pile.

Mark the attacker, and mark the target. After the attack, mark the attacker and target as battled (CTRL-B), this will set the attacker to no battle, and the target clear.

Before rolling the dice, declare how many dice you are rolling, and wait for your opponent to agree.

  • Experienced Players: to speed up play, only declare the number of dice before an attack when doing a Close Assault, to give your opponent the chance to play Ambush.
    • NOTE: when playing with Combat Cards, Urban or Winter, you must always declare dice before a combat, even when not Close Assault.

If a roll is done for more than the amount of dice allowed, dice are read left to right.

If there is anything that you are doing that may be unclear visually state it in the chat window before you attack.

At the end of your turn, press the "End Turn" button.

Game Tips

  • How to remove a wire or sandbags?
    • Make sure you have nothing selected (left-click on empty background to make sure if you are not). Shift-left-click on the tile of the wire/sandbags hex. It will select with a black line. Right-click the tile and perform Delete, or use CTRL-D to Delete it.
  • How to add sandbags to a unit?
    • Open Pieces with the Pieces button. Go to the Obstacles tab. Drag the sandbags from the top section onto the game board where you want the sandbags to be.
  • Keep your cards hidden, even in your private hand window. You never know who is looking.
  • How to remove the Raft from a unit?
    • Select only the unit with the Raft. Press CTRL-I to toggle the Raft for the selected unit.
  • How to remove the Battle Star from a unit?
    • Select only the unit with the Battle Star. Press CTRL-G to toggle the Battle Star for the selected unit.
  • How to remove Camouflage from a unit?
    • Select only the unit with the Camouflage. Press CTRL-F to toggle Camouflage for the selected unit. Camouflage is also removed automatically when a unit attacks or moves.
  • How to add/remove the Veteran Star to/from a unit?
    • Select only the unit. Press CTRL-E to toggle the Veteran Star for the selected unit.
  • Where are the unit badges?
    • Badges are always attached to a unit, and are not independent pieces. To select a badge for a unit, select the unit, and press CTRL-[ and CTRL-] to cycle to the correct badge.
  • If you need any markers or obstacles during your game, they can be found with the Pieces button in the toolbar, under the Markers and Obstacles tabs. Drag the marker or obstacle you need from the display onto the board.
  • NIGHT CHART: when using the night chart, it should have been set up on the board. If it is missing, click on the Pieces button in the toolbar, and go to the Setup tab. Drag the small night chart icon onto the board.
  • Overlord: there is an Initiative die underneath the board for each Field General. Right-click it and choose Roll. The die is automatically reset when you click End Turn.
  • PBEM Retreat: right-click the unit that should retreat and choose Retreat Flag (CTRL Q). A retreat flag is attached to the unit. Choose it multiple times to increase the number of flags, or eventually cycle it back to 0. Units with a retreat flag are not ordered when moved, and the retreat flag is automatically removed.
  • MINES: mines have been set up on the board in the scenario setup. Right-click and choose Flip to turn a mine marker over and see it's value. When you do this a random Mines marker is chosen from the stack of available Mines markers. Once a Mines marker has been flipped it's value is set. If you need a random minefield, go to Pieces in the toolbar, and the Setup tab. Drag a Mines marker onto the board.
  • OBJECTIVE MEDALS: right-click a non-Permanent objective medal and choose Capture. The objective medal is marked with a flag, and a placeholder medal is created. Drag this medal with the tiny red flag onto your medal score track. If you ever lose the medal, right-click the placeholder medal and choose Delete. Right-click the objective medal on the board and choose Lose Objective.
  • CAMPAIGNS: don't forget to check out the Campaigns button in the toolbar for some free campaigns.

Custom Code

There are a few custom Java classes in the Memoir '44 Module. They are available here: GitHub

Screen Shots


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