Module:NATO, Nukes, & Nazis

From Vassal
Publisher XTR Corp Era Fantasy
Year 1990 Topic Wargame
Players 2 to 2 Scale Strategic
Length 180 min


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NNN_105.vmod module 40.79 MB 2015-06-05 3.2.15
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Module Information

Maintainer Chris H. Hansen


Version 1.05

A Vassal module for the game NATO, Nukes, & Nazis designed by Ty Bomba and Joe Miranda. This module version includes the original 4 scenarios that came with the game. It also includes the following extras:

"D-Day, 1994: A New Scenario for NATO, Nukes & Nazis," by Joe Miranda; published in Command Magazine #8

"'Bring up the Death Ray!' (And More TAC Air!)," by Dan Hazuda; published in Command Magazine #9

"The Luftwaffe Strikes!: A Variant for NNN," published in Command Magazine #10

"Scenario VI: The Nazi Total War: 2005" A variant scenario created by David Lamb.

"Scenario VII: End of the Iron Dream: 1995" A second variant scenario created by David Lamb.

The two scenarios by David Lamb can be acquired via the ConsimWorld NATO, Nukes, & Nazi forum at More variant information can also be found at the BoardgameGeek page for the game. I have also included a help file here to familiarize users with the various functions and items I have included in the module.

My thanks to Ty Bomba for taking the time to answer my inquiries regarding the game, and to both Ty Bomba and Joe Miranda for creating such an enjoyable game and setting. Thanks as well to David Lamb for both his permission to include his scenarios in this module, and also for his contributions to the game via his answers to questions and many AAR's on the ConsimWorld site. Lastly many thanks also go out to all those who made so many contributions and variants to the game at ConsimWorld and BoardGameGeek.

I have received permission from Ty Bomba of XTR Corp to distribute the NATO, Nukes, & Nazis Vassal module at the Vassal site.

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