Module:No Better Place To Die

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Publisher The Gamers Era Gunpowder
Year 1994 Topic American Civil War
Players 2 to 2 Scale Operational
Length Long Series Civil War Brigade Series


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Dec. 31, 1862: After turning back Braxton Bragg's invasion of Kentucky, the Union Army of Tennessee under its new commander, William Rosecrans, is beginning a tentative advance toward Chattanooga. Determined to oppose such a move, Bragg's hard-luck Army of Tennessee stands in the way outside the town of Murfreesboro. In bitter cold, both commanders issue identical attack orders: strike the enemy's right flank and drive it back.

No Better Place to Die covers the Battle of Murfreesboro, the bloody but indecisive contest that began eight months of stalemate in Tennessee. A more decisive victory here for either side would have had profound effects on the war. The game's special features include the Rebel surprise attack on the Union right, and a special early start campaign scenario where both sides are free to begin maneuvering and fighting a day early.

By permission of MMP

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