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The Civil War, Brigade Series games are accurate, readily playable portrayals of specific American Civil War battles at the tactical brigade level.

The intent of this series is to focus on the command aspects of Civil War combat by having players use a game command system that mimics actual events. The game forces interact with each other in ways that simulate the functions of those they represent.[...]


Each hex on the game map equals 200 yards of real terrain. Each day-time turn represents 30 minutes, each night turn one hour. The vertical scale between contours is 30 feet. Infantry and cavalry units are brigades, artillery units usually 16 gun battalions. A strength point of infantry or cavalry is 100 men. A gun point of artillery is roughly 3 cannons.[...]


Orders are the heart of the main command system of this game series. Players prepare orders in writing as instructions to the corps (generally) as to what they are to do. An order is not a hex by hex record of movement. It is the actual wording in the same form as the historical orders."

The series designer is Dean Essig and was originally published by The Gamers but now by Multi-Man Publishing