Module:Strike Them a Blow: 1864 North Anna River

From Vassal
Publisher Multi-Man Publishing Era Gunpowder
Year 2006 Topic American Civil War
Players 2 to 4 Scale Operational
Length 600 Min Series Civil War Brigade Series


Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility
Strike_them_a_Blow-_v1.00.vmod module 12.32 MB 2018-9-19 3.2

Module Information

Maintainer Dcronin1981


This is my first Vassal module. It is the last game in The Gamers Civil War Brigade series. I was unable to obtain a digital image of the original map and had to use a map from another adaption of the game. If I obtain an image of the original map I will create an updated version of this module. Please let me know if you find any bugs.

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